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From today going forward, you get your golden chance to bid goodbye to skin irritation and dryness in spring, and summer. Spring is a season of joy, and it should not have to turn your face to a scaly hide. 

But this is exactly what is going to happen due to neglect. 

If spring parches your skin, you need the Spring Dry Skin Routine package. 

Hydra Qwench

You can tell from the name that this is the product that will quench your skin with moisture. 

Indeed, it is a nighttime hydrating serum that you apply on the skin before going to bed. It locks in the moisture that is released by the inner layers of the skin. 

The top layers of the skin capture the moisture from the innermost layers. In return, the captured moisture is absorbed by the cells of the top skin layer and they swell, giving it a plumper look. With the fast infusion technology, the results start showing almost immediately! 

Foaming Joy

When you use the Foaming Joy - a superb skin cleanser, it will be hard to hide your joy from anyone who sees you! This cleanser not only removes make-up, but it also reaches deep inside the pores to remove the grease, bacteria, and dead skin cells that lodge there over time. 

This facial cleanser does a perfect job of removing the make up without stripping the natural oil from your skin. It also does not irritate the skin. 

The chamomile extract soothes and is an anti-inflammatory as well. Green tea oil is an antioxidant that removes free radicals while the apple fruit extract exfoliates the dead skin cells, and boosts the growth of new ones. 

50 Fierce

This is a sunscreen and moisturizer combo. It blocks the harmful rays of the sun, which cause skin damage, and cancer. But it does not stop there, because it also releases, and locks moisture into the skin. With a rating of 50 plus sun protection factor (SPF), it’s perfect for the hot weather. 

With ingredients such as the CoQ10 – a deeply reaching antioxidant, green tea extract – an antibacterial, and peptide complex for boosting collagen production. There is also vitamin C, which brightens the skin. 

How to use the Spring Dry Skin Routine kit

Cleanse your skin with Foaming Joy, apply your Hydra Qwench, and then apply the 50 Fierce onto the decollete, neck, and face at least 15 minutes before stepping out in the sun. If you will stay in the sun all day, reapply every 2 hours.

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