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Every day, new, and nasty bacteria cling to your skin. An interesting fact is that an average human being has about 1.8 square meters of skin and about 1.5 trillion bacteria live on it. 

The skin creates a high quality barrier to prevent bacteria from getting inside your body. Needless to say, the most exposed part of your body – the face, is host to billions of these bacteria. 

That is why Robin McGraw has been dedicating research to come up with the best facial cleansers and treatments, to get rid of these bacteria. 

In this SOS Ultimate Cleansing Trio kit, you get the most acclaimed facial cleanser called Foaming Joy. It not only frees the surface of your skin from toxins, dead cells, and others, but it also reaches deeply and removes toxins from the pores. 

Twinkle Twinkle, You’re A Star! has been included because of its prowess at clearing dark spots and blemishes. It gets its power from its volcanic-derived ingredients such as bentonite clay and pumice stone. It scrubs the skin deeply yet gently. 

The third product is Face It, You Look Amazing! And indeed, after using it in combination with the other two, everyone who sees you will exclaim “You Look Amazing! What did you do your face?” 

It the transformative agent that you need to change your face from lined, saggy and old to youthful, firm, and bright. 

Getting the very best out of the SOS Ultimate Cleansing Trio Kit

These products are perfect for a morning skincare routine for your face. Thus, start with the cleanser, kill those toxins that lurk on the skin. 

This clears the way for the Twinkle Twinkle, You’re A Star! serum to penetrate deeply and exfoliate the skin. Since this is recommended for night use, well, that means you should use this kit at night. 

The last product to apply is the Face It, You Look Amazing! serum that clears wrinkles, makes the skin plumper and tighter. It is a revitalizing serum. 

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Customer Reviews

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Ginger Coffey
Ultimate cleansing trio

I love it. Alot of products break me out this does not and clean my face nicely. Thank you for great products..

Suzanne Mata

SOS Ultimate Cleansing Trio – Urgent Skin Rejuvenation!

R Slapnicker
Fabulous Trio

These products really make my skin feel so clean . Also so smooth and soft. Great products !!