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Like everything else, your skin has its sell by date. Don’t believe it? Well, let’s meet when you are 70 years old. 

But even when it is past its sell by date, you don’t have to let it go. Good thing is that the skin is alive, and growing. It responds very well to different types of treatment. If you do not give up on your skin, it will not give up on you. 

Why get a Repair + Refresh skincare package?

Eating fruit and vegetables is good for your health, but your skin care and treatment requires a radical repair and refresh approach. To help you along that direction, you can get the Robin McGraw Revelation Repair + Refresh skincare kit. It contains the Welcome Back Youth and Hydra Qwench serums. 

Welcome Back Youth, as the name suggests, will help you shed a good number of years from your skin. This retinol-based revitalizing serum is good for every area, but make sure it does not touch the delicate skin around the eyes. It contains time-release retinol, which kick-starts the cell turnover rate, so new cells are generated faster. This is how it contributes to keeping your skin looking youthful and supple for years. 

The Hydra Qwench, which is a rich-in-hyaluronic acid moisturizer, serves many purposes. It penetrates the skin fast, is not sticky and starts working on various things immediately.

It also gives the refreshing touch by fading dark spots and brightening the skin, giving it a more natural glow. 

Using the Repair + Refresh package

Do not forget to order a gentle cleanser, or the Foaming Joy from the same brand name as the Welcome Back Youth and Hydra Qwench serums. Use it to cleanse the skin thoroughly and then apply a few pumps of the Welcome Back Youth serum, at night and three times a week. It is best to use the serum at night. 

Use the Hydra Qwench serum at night after applying Welcome Back Youth, 3 to 5 drops will be enough and you can use it every night.

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