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Fine Lines and Wrinkles Trio: Battle-tested Wrinkle Fighter

Are lines and wrinkles already demarcating your face and neck? That’s nature! 

But you don’t have to live with the lines and wrinkles, well, unless you want to. You can make better what Mother Nature has endowed you with.  

Use the Fine Lines and Wrinkles Trio package to reclaim the former glory of your skin. The products in this package are formulated to work together to reverse the effects of aging on your skin. 

Will the Fine Lines and Wrinkles Trio package reverse aging?

Starting with the Dot Your Eyes fine lines remover, it’s formulated with high quality ingredients that are absorbed fast into the skin, and give it an instant lift. If you are attending a party and you want the crow’s feet to disappear, well, just clean the area around the eyes and massage the Dot Your Eyes gel gently into the skin around the eyes. 

The Welcome Back Youth lives up to its name! Consistent application of the retinol serum wipes away the fine lines and wrinkles, clears hyperpigmentation, cleans and tightens the pores while the vitamin C brightens the skin, giving it a uniform tone. This is This is a 0.5% retinol serum with encapsulated technology, ensuring minimal irritation, fast-working serum, so you should start seeing results in a few days. 

The third product in the package is Face It! You Look Amazing. And indeed, you will see just how much beauty you still have left intact, only that you don’t see it. This is a multi peptide revitalizing serum that will kick some life into your skin. It hydrates it and locks in the moisture, and it softens the skin, making it more supple. 

How to use the Fine Lines and Wrinkles Trio skincare kit

Wash you face and use a gentle cleanser to get open up the pores. After that, apply the Dot Your Eyes to the skin around your eyes, then apply the Welcome Back Youth retinol serum, and finally, apply your Face It You Look Amazing revitalizing serum. 

Do this for at least a week and compare the before and after results. You will look amazing.  

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Customer Reviews

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The first couple weeks my face looked absolutely worse than it had before I started. But I think you just need more time to see to see how


Was a little confused by what to order. I really needed something for the bags and puffiness under my eyes. I’m just going to wait until I run out of these products before I order something else. I love these products. 😢

Kelli Dickerson-Jones

I haven't received those items yet.

Katrina Williams
Great product

I've used the products for a month now and I can see a noticeable difference. Infact , I am ordering additional items tonight.

Kelli Dye

Fine Lines and Wrinkles Trio