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You can’t believe there is a time you wouldn’t spend even three minutes of your life reading about skin firming and lifting. 

But here you are now! Life happened, and suddenly, you feel old, and miserable. Your skin is starting to sag around the jawlines, the eyes, the neck, decollete, and the cheeks. And your self-esteem is going down fast, plummeting. 

Not to worry though, because there is a day time lift skincare kit, one that will supercharge your skin health, and change the way you look, and feel about yourself. 

It is both a quick-fix and a long-term fix. Want to firm your skin fast for the day’s wedding occasion? This is the kit to go for. The OMG! Is This Really Me gel? is an instant face shaper. This something you can wear when you are going to a party and you want to look years younger. 

And what about the Foaming Joy deep facial cleanser that removes all traces of makeup, and at the same time, it reaches deep inside the pores and pulls out grease and dead skin cells? After using the cleanser, you start feeling fresh and rejuvenated immediately. 

The day time lift skin routine also comes with the 50 Fierce, a high quality moisturizer and UV blocker. It works great for all skin types and for all ages. 

The icing on this beautiful cake is the Hydra Qwench moisturizer and skin brightener. It will lock in the moisture produced by the inner skin layers to the top layers. It is for nighttime use, so in the morning, you rise up to a hydrated skin. 

How to get the most out of your Day Time Lift Kit

To get the best out of this skincare kit, well, you need to follow a good morning or night routine. 

Do the following:

Cleanse the skin This should always be the first step, always. You can start with water, dry with a towel and then apply the facial cleanser. 

Apply the OMG! Is This Really Me? Face lifter, which penetrates the skin top layer and constricts the tissue, to give you an almost instant facelift. 

In the day time, follow this with the 50 Fierce sun blocker so that you can keep the UVA and UVB rays away. 

Apply the Hydra Qwench moisturizer three to five times a week, at night only, after cleansing the skin.

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