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Are you approaching middle age? There is some bad news for you! Okay, it is bad news first, and good news later. 

Most women, and men, start developing dark spots on their skin once they get to middle age. That is a fact. 

Most of these dark spots appear on the most visible areas – the neck, décolleté, and the face. That is also a fact. It makes sense too because they are some of the most exposed parts of your body. 

You can prevent dark spots from developing

And now the good news – you can keep dark spots away with the Dark Spot Defense Duo skincare kit. But there is even better news – with this skincare package, you do not need to wait for the dark spots to develop so that you can treat them. You can use it to prevent them from developing!

To the Point is an acclaimed dark spot corrector that has been used by women all over the world to clear the skin. No dark spot on your skin is too stubborn to withstand the skin brightening missiles that the To the Point serum will release. 

This serum is also a fast worker, and it is absorbed many times faster than its counterparts in the market. Within weeks of using it, it will start to fade your dark spots. 

The glow that the dark spot remover gives your skin needs to be protected. This is where the 50 Fierce serum comes in. It is a moisturizer and sunscreen combo that keeps the skin hydrated. It also blocks the harmful UVA and UVB rays so they do not harm your skin tissue. 

Using Dark Spot Defense Duo to clear the skin

Cleanse the skin. If you have the Foaming Joy facial cleanser, use it. If not, use any other gentle, natural cleanser. 

Apply the To the Point dark spot remover serum, a few drops, specifically to the areas that have dark spots. 

Follow this with the 50 Fierce serum to hydrate the skin, and to block the sun rays from penetrating the skin.

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