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Reveal the awesome skin complexion that you had, before the weather, and age did their number on you. The Brighter Together Duo package is just the opportunity that you need to transform your skin. 

Here are the products you get in the package:

Starlight, Face Bright

This is a Triple Action Brightening serum. After a few days of using the cream on your face, it will start to bring out your natural skin color. Continued use is going to start fading the dark spots on your skin and eventually, you will achieve an even skin tone.

The key ingredients: that give the Starlight, Face Bright serum its power include the Triple Action Brightening Complex, which is a blend of vitamin C, Brightenyl, and Lumiskin. The Peptide blend boosts collagen production, while Acquabio locks in the moisture for consistent hydration.

Face It You Look Amazing!

Did you know that the first signs of aging start at the corners of the mouth and the eyes? That is why you need the Face It You Look Amazing serum to clear crow’s feet, and other fine lines on your face.

Key ingredients: Ginseng root extract helps to brighten the skin, while the Gotu Kola extract soothes the skin, boosts collagen production and increases the cell turnover rate. There is also the Purslane extract, which is rich in antioxidants and helps in skin repair and wound healing.

Vita Boost

Vita Boost is a vitamin serum that will do many things, but is mainly renowned for its ability to brighten the skin, flush out the free radicals, and keep the skin hydrated throughout the day.

The power is in its main ingredients, which include:

20% vitamin C, which is great for beating the dullness, age spots, and hyperpigmentation out of the skin. ProVitamin B5 is a super moisturizer with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial qualities, while vitamin E prevents UV rays damage and helps to flush out free radicals and other toxins.

How to use the skincare kit:

Clean the areas of application, apply one pump of Starlight, Face Bright per night on the face, neck, and décolleté.

Use Face It You Look Amazing serum once a day, during the daytime. Put 1 to 2 pumps in your palm and apply generously to the areas that have fine lines.

You can use Vita Boost either in the daytime or nighttime, alongside any of the other two products in this package. Apply 3 to 5 drops on the problem areas.

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June Hardwick

To date, I have only been using these products for a short time. However, I am enjoying them and will see what transpires as I continue to use them each day. Thank you Robin!