Caffeine, seaweed, peptides, and plant extracts join forces in this potent hydrating and firming lotion that moisturizes, plumps, and tightens skin. Hyaluronic acid supports your skin’s natural hydration network to keep your skin happy, while caffeine firms and reduces puffiness. Our patented Dynamic Infusion Technology™ makes absorption occur 26 times faster, so say goodbye to white residue and hello to instant hydration. 

Hyaluronic Acid
A powerful multitasker that hydrates and promotes collagen levels naturally–resulting in plumper, firmer, and younger looking skin. 

Promotes the reduction of blood vessels and sebum, which results in tighter and firmer skin. 

A detoxifying agent known for its water-binding properties, this ingredient gets rid of impurities while making skin soft and supple.

Bai Zhu Extract
Used in traditional Chinese medicine, this natural plant extract soothes the skin with a boost of antioxidants. 

•Hydrates thirsty skin with hyaluronic acid for a plump and smooth complexion
•Reduces wrinkles and boosts collagen production for a youth-enhanced appearance
•Tightens and firms the skin with the power of caffeine  

Day Hydration & Firming Lotion