This gentle, but effective cleanser is perfect for those with sensitive skin. Ingredients such as goldenseal root and aloe vera work to hydrate, soothe, and remove impurities—resulting in fresh, clear skin. Our patented Dynamic Infusion Technology™ ensures these purifying ingredients reach your skin 26 times faster so that your complexion feels clean and refreshed in a snap without feeling irritated or tight afterwards. 

Goldenseal Root 
This natural antiseptic fights acne-causing bacteria and packs a punch of iron, zinc, potassium, calcium, and manganese.

Aloe Vera 
This anti-inflammatory multitasker hydrates, heals, and soothes with vitamins A, B, C, & D.    
heals, and soothes with vitamins A, B, C, & D.    

BaoBab Extract
This nourishing antioxidant hydrates skin, defends against UV damage, and boosts the production of collagen to result in a healthy, even-toned complexion. 

•Removes dirt, makeup, and impurities gently, but effectively 
•Cleanses without stripping skin of its natural oils 
•Hydrates, firms, and soothes skin with vitamins A & D.

Foaming Sensitive Skin Cleanser