How do we ship (UPS, USPS etc.)?

We use several different carriers, primarily UPS and USPS.

If you are taking medications, or if you are currently being treated by a dermatologist, can you use these products?


What testing have the products undergone?

This product has been clinically tested.

Are the products tested on Animals?

NO - these products are not tested on animals.

Are there any side effects that may occur? If so, what are they?

Dryness or irritation may occur due to high actives in certain products. We recommend you spot test before use, and use according to directions.

Is there a fragrance with the product?

Yes, the unique custom blended fragrance inspires a spa-like experience.

What skin types are these products recommended for?

This product is recommended for all skin types.

What can I replace my discontinued skincare products with?

We know there’s nothing worse than hearing that your favorite products are being discontinued, but not to worry! We made sure that every product in the original line has a replacement that you will love even more. With advanced formulations, higher actives and smarter packaging, the new Robin McGraw Revelation skincare line is better than ever.

For the perfect replacement for your favorite product, please see below!

Vital Hydration - Hydrated Skin = YOUTH This moisturizer plumps skin with Sodium PCA, Apple Fruit and Green Tea extract for a hydrated and younger-looking complexion.

Jewel Drops - Welcome Back YOUTH This 0.3% retinol serum helps diminish the appearance of lines and wrinkles, while Vitamin C brightens.

Absolute Glow - Foaming Joy Antioxidant rich and infused with anti-again ingredients, this powerhouse cleanser removes makeup and dirt leaving skin smooth, soft and supple.

Awaken Youth - Hydra-Qwench This unique treatment was developed to address multiple signs of aging while protecting from future damage. Wake up to a refreshed complexion!

Complete Refresh - The Eyes Have It Enhanced with peptides and potent humectants, this eye cream is the ultimate weapon against dark circles and fine lines.

Total Retouch - Face the Day This remarkable formula utilizes a powerful peptide blend that tightens, lifts and hydrates instantly.

Total Renewal - Polish to Perfection This lightly foaming cream scrub helps to increase cell turnover to ensure a soft, flawless and healthy glow.

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