Dynamic Infusion Technology

Dynamic Infusion Technology™

The Future of Skincare Is Here!

Our unique, multi-patented Dynamic Infusion Technology™ is a delivery system that carries active ingredients into the epidermis 26 times faster than traditional methods, without disrupting the balance of the skin’s natural ecosystem known as the microbiome. This proprietary technology is able to adjust the molecule-size of each ingredient specifically to its function and delivers benefits where they are needed most, making Robin McGraw Revelation products faster and more effective at helping to improve skin's health and appearance.*

healthy looking skin healthy looking skin

Unlocking The Beauty Benefits

This proprietary technology makes our products the fastest and most effective at:

  • Diminishing the look of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Boosting collagen and elasticity
  • Enhancing skin tone, texture, and clarity
  • Brightening and lightening the complexion

Resulting in clearer, healthier-looking skin.*

healthy looking skin

The Power of Active Ingredients

We pride ourselves on the superior quality and effectiveness of our carefully selected active and botanical ingredients, combining both traditional and innovative elements. Our DIT™ transports these active ingredients, faster and more effectively to exactly where they do the most good — deep within skin's epidermal layer, where skin renewal occurs.*

Four U.S. Patents DIT

Four U.S. Patents

Our innovative formulation process has earned four U.S. patents. Only Robin McGraw Revelation creates products using this cutting-edge and proprietary technology, setting us apart from all other skincare brands, and setting the new gold-standard for excellence in the beauty industry.

The Science Behind The System

Developed from wound-healing technology by a team of leading medical industry scientists, our DIT™ uniquely encapsulates our active ingredients to work their way below the skin’s epidermis without harming it to achieve optimal results. This innovative delivery system, which holds four patents, carries beneficial antioxidants and botanicals to rejuvenate skin and improve hydration.*


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