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Microneedling for hair loss – Does it actually work?

Microneedling is a cosmetic therapy that targets various aging effects. Due to its impact on boosting collagen formation in the skin, it is also known as collagen induction therapy. A microneedling pen is used to do microneedling, which includes using tiny needles to make tiny skin channels.

Microneedling, while commonly utilized as an anti-aging skin therapy, may also be used to cure hair loss.

Based on a scientific research it was found that using microneedling pens in your scalp increases vascularization and nourishment to the hair follicles, increased metabolism of minoxidil and increased absorption of topical treatments.

Microneedling the scalp actually penetrates to the level of the hair follicle, where it may start thickening up the existing hair, putting it into an active growth phase, strengthening it, lengthening it, and darkening it slightly.

Does this procedure actually stimulate hair growth

It was once believed that after microneedling, new follicles would begin to develop, however this is usually untrue.

It creates the appearance of new growth when, in fact, it’s only a thickening of what’s already there since the thin follicles in that area are getting thicker and returning to their usual, healthy form.

Who can benefit from this treatment

If you have androgenetic alopecia, a genetic hair loss disorder brought on by an excessive response to the hormones called androgens, or if you are experiencing normal hair loss or thinning, microneedling therapy may be able to help you.

People who have previously experienced complete hair loss in one area of their scalp or throughout their entire head probably won’t notice much, if any, benefit from this treatment. As mentioned above it does not promote the growth of new follicles, microneedling increases the density of existing hair.

What type of needles to choose for at-home treatments?

Since the skin’s thickness varies throughout the body, certain needles should be selected for each application. Finer depths appear to be more efficient than deeper depths.

Therefore, if you’re using the devices on your face, choose needles with a depth of 0.25 mm or 0.5 mm. The epidermis may need to be punctured at a deeper depth (i.e., 1.5 mm) if the scalp skin is thicker.

Needles greater than 1.5 mm should normally not be used for personal usage; instead, specialists should handle them.

Sterilizing the microneedling pen and washing the site before beginning microneedling are the two most crucial safety procedures to follow to prevent scalp infections. Additionally, you should avoid using the pen with excessive force since this may harm your scalp or dermis.

How often to use microneedling pen for hair loss?

The sensitivity of your scalp mostly determines how frequently you should use a microneedling device. Some individuals may bleed easily or have sensitive reactions to the needles, for example. Thus, regular microneedling is not practical.

Before beginning the treatment, people who have chronic dermatological problems like psoriasis or seborrheic dermatitis should see a dermatologist.

If you are unsure about how frequently to do microneedling, start with 1-2 sessions per week and then adjust based on the health of your scalp.

Side effects

The main side-effects cause by using microneedling devices on your scalp are:

  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Infection
  • Oozing

The side effects can be exacerbated especially in people that have special conditions such as:

  • prior history of dermatological diseases such as eczema, psoriasis, acne.
  • Diabetes mellitus, that can hinder wound closure
  • Usage of blood thinning medications

Also using active agents such as minoxidil can cause further irritation, so be sure to talk to your dermatologist before topically applying these substances

Should i leave it in the hands of professionals

Microneedling is invasive procedure even though it is quite minimal it does carry risks as mentioned in the side-effects section.

While professional treatments take up time in your schedule and cost much more, of course they are more reliable for it’s effectiveness and safety.

Some of the cons of using microneedling pens at home for hair loss are:

  • Not being able to determine the right needle size
  • Not knowing how much to go on with the procedure
  • Not being certain of which areas you went over,
  • The probability of not having access to adjuvant products.

A certified microneedling specialist will also be able to advise you on how to reduce treatment-related side effects. Identifying hazards and handling issues on your own might be challenging. If any adverse effects appear, you might find yourself visiting a doctor nevertheless.

So you need to keep these facts in mind before you evidently choose to opt for at-home or professional treatments.

What products to use with the treatment?

Despite the fact that there are numerous products sold for hair development, the FDA has only approved minoxidil as a means of promoting hair renewal. Even if minoxidil works, it’s important to remember that once you stop using it, it stops working as well, therefore you must use it continuously. The use of your microneedling device prior to applying growth serums containing compounds such as minoxidil is advised for maximum results because, as previously noted, it facilitates the products’ deep penetration. But as we mentioned this can come with higher chance of irritation since it it an active substance, so make sure to talk to your dermatologist. Other products than can be used are hydration serums that help with the irritation.

The cost

The price will vary, just like with any cosmetic operation, depending on a number of factors, including your location, your provider, your treatment goals, the number of sessions needed, the area being treated, etc. This is the reason why the cost of a single microneedling session can range from $200 to $800. Additionally, circumstances unique to each client will dictate the expectations from microneedling in relation to hair loss.

Meanwhile acquiring your own microneedling pen will cost you up to, but no more than $150. In order to choose the pen with the needles that you need, and every other accessories for microneedling needled for at-home you can browse in our own shop. Every product is curated and explained in detail having your safety and success in mind.