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Name: To The Point: Dark spot removing cream with hyaluronic acid, amino acids, and Shea butter. 

Size: 40ML/1.35 Fl. Oz

There’s a new way to keep dark spots from throwing shade on your glow.  To the Point Dark Spot Corrector lightens up the dark spots you’ve already got and absorbs 26 times faster with our patented Dynamic Infusion Technology™. Get that bright, evenly-toned skin you’ve always wanted.


To The Point Dark spot remover cream is an advanced remedy for pigmentation issues on your face, décolletage area, and neck. 

It is formulated with high quality, naturally sourced ingredients that can correct melasma, brown spots, age spots, and blemish spots. 

The To The Point dark spot remover cream is also compatible with all skin types and it not only corrects pigmentation issues, but it also restores your beauty and self-esteem. If you have oily, dry, or normal (combination) skin, you must include this cream in your skincare routine. 

To The Point dark spot remover works fast, with the groundbreaking Dynamic Infusion Technology that delivers ingredients and nutrients 26 times faster to the skin. In a few weeks of using it, the dark spots on your skin will start fading. 

Targets: Face, neck, décolletage area


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much of the To The Point cream for dark spots should I apply??

This depends on the number or extent of dark spots on your face. Therefore, we recommend putting a pump in your palm, and then using your finger tips to massage the cream directly onto the dark spots. If it runs out before you have covered all the dark areas, apply some more.

Q:Should I apply To The Point all over my face?

No. Unless your face is full of dark spots, you may not apply To The Point cream that way. Rather, apply it directly on the dark spots using your fingertip. Recommended you use the index finger for this task. 

Q:How soon after using the To The Point dark spot removal cream will I see results?

You will start to notice distant fading in your dark spots in the first week of using this cream. However, keep using it consistently for at least 8 weeks before doing a proper assessment of your progress. Most people report seeing results in 5 to 7 weeks. 

Q:When should I apply the To The Point?

Apply this night cream at night before going to bed so that it can unleash its fading power overnight. While you might apply other treatments on your face, make sure you apply the To The Point cream directly on the dark spots, immediately after cleansing your face. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
Tami D
Dark Spot Corrector

I really think I see a difference. I have had a sun spot spot on my face for several years now. My dermatologist wanted to do a biopsy on it which made it doubled in size. She told me that there was not anything to make that spot lighter.. Every time I look at my face that is all I see. I think this dark spot corrector has lightened this spot on my face and I really appreciate this product. I will keep in touch. Thank you.
Tami DuBose

Shelley McClusky

To The Point - Dark Spot Corrector

John Rheaume
Seems to be working slowly will

Seems to be working slowly. I’ve had it offer for about two weeks. There seems to be a little bit of a change, but not much so we’ll see what happens. I’m gonna continue using it.

Wrong product sent

I communicated with so wine on line and they said they were sending the correct product. I received Dot Your Eyes. ???

Linda Vandeneng
Wrong product

I received Dot your eyes instead of the dark spot remover.
Very unhappy.🙁
Thank you

Hi there, I apologize for the mix-up with your order. We'll be sending you our 'To the Point' dark spot remover today, completely free of charge. No need to return 'Dot Your Eyes.' Thank you for your understanding.