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Finally, shapewear for your face. This potent gel utilizes natural clay-derived compounds to instantly make skin feel tightened and lifted. Also contains plant-derived stem cell extracts to fight free radicals and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

1 FL. OZ. 30ML

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I was disappointed. I expected my skin to be tight like Robyn’s on the Dr Phil show. I’m 52 so was not necessarily expecting miracles but yep, let down.

Christine Parsley
I’m feeling Good 😊 Thank you for creating Great products!

Your products feel great.
No perfumes! Feels wonderful from day one😃.
Im looking forward to see the results.

Shelia Davis

OMG! Is This Really Me? Instant Face Shaper

Karen McCoy

OMG! Is This Really Me? Instant Face Shaper

BIG fan!

I'm a bit new to the Dr. Phil show. My
daughters keep trying to get me on a talk
show regarding the loss of our family.(mom,dad, brother,my oldest daughter. ..literally
my entire immediate family died in 2012)
I mistakenly divulged that I was diagnosed with some 'belated bereavment syndrome' hocus pocus a few months back and now
they won't leave me alone about it!
While I have no choice but admit I'm
broken from whom I was before 2012...I'm
not quite able to concede to having a
'syndrome' for crying out loud. I'm much
tougher than that.
Thanks to these products, I still LOOK good though!
I've used various items singularly but really started to see results with product line
regimine. I get asked about my skin on
occasion (when I DO get out. Ive become
some what of a recluse) and readily tout
Robin McGraws skin care line.
This has replaced my Paula's Choice!
My Holy Grail of 15+ yrs.!
Price point is comparable. Little better
here, not so much there.
As a whole, I'm quite satisfied and will
continue with this line.

Now if she could just formulate a product
that could get me back to the happy
woman I was before 2012.

For reference, I am a 56 yr old woman.
I raised 4 daughters as a single parent.
Food stamps was the only public service I
used and never collected one dime of child support. I missed my girls growing up
basically. I was ALWAYS working.
In 2009 my first grandchild was born.
I brought him home from the hospital and
adopted him 2 yrs later. He's 14 now.
I divulge all this simply to clarify that I have
seen some VERY hard years but still LOOK good!! Thanks to new innovations in skin
care and products that do what they say
they'll do!
Robin McGraws Revelation Beauty has
Indeed done this for ME.
As with ANY skin care product....
Patience grasshopper! Patience!

J from Montana