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Your skin is the biggest, the most visible, and the most neglected organ in your body. 

You would think you would take better care of it since it does such a noble job of protecting all of the other organs. 

But no. That is not the case. The good thing though is that it is not too late to get started. And to help you along, there are award winning serums in this skincare kit. These are:  

Hydra Qwench

In 2017, the Hydra Qwench night cream from the Robin McGraw Revelation stable won the O, The Oprah Magazine, Fall 2017 Beauty O-Ward award for the best moisturizer for dry skin. The use of two ingredients – hyaluronic acid and squalene in the formula has made it superb at rejuvenating the skin and bringing back your youth. It boosts the appearance of the skin and diminishes the old, tired look that is custom for many people in the morning.

Foaming Joy

Choosing the right facial cleanser is the first step to awesome skin care. This is why you must always include one in your day or nighttime skincare package. And why not go for an award winner, such as the Foaming Joy, which is a Spring 2017 O, The Oprah Magazine Beauty O-Ward winner. 

This purifying gel scrubs the dead cells off the skin and at the same time, it hydrates and keeps the skin feeling supple and nourished. It is also a good cleanser for any skin type, and it does not cause sensitivity. The main active ingredients include chamomile extract, green tea oil, and apple fruit extract.

Vita Boost

This is a vitamin infusion serum that contains vitamin C, Vitamin B5, and vitamin E as the main active ingredients. From having antioxidants to correcting sun damage, boosting collagen production, and repairing damaged skin tissue, this serum also protects against damage from free radicals. It also contains Ferulic Acid, which is super rich in antioxidants.

To use this skincare package of award winners, do the following:

Cleanse the skin with Foaming Joy serum to scrub the dead cells off your skin and remove any traces of makeup. 

Apply the Hydra Qwench moisturizer serum, by massaging it into the skin gently yet firmly for total absorption. 

Wait for a few minutes and then apply the Vita Boost serum, which will lock in the other two serums, and block UVA and UVB rays.

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Karen Smith
Products and Customer Service

The products are great. I would give them a 5. These are the only products I've used that I that has helped my face. The customer service is poor. If I were to rate that it would be a zero. I have tried contacting customer service because one item was missing from my order. I tried contacting them 3 times and they didn't respond.

I am sincerely sorry for the inconvenience caused by the missing item from your recent order. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and it deeply troubles us to hear about your negative experience with our customer service.

We acknowledge that there have been delays in our response to your inquiries, and for that, we extend our heartfelt apologies. Please know that we are actively working to rectify this issue and ensure that every missing item is promptly shipped to our valued customers.

I completely understand your frustration, and I assure you that we are taking immediate steps to improve our customer service responsiveness and address any outstanding concerns.

In the meantime, I kindly ask for your patience and cooperation as we work to resolve this matter swiftly. Your feedback is invaluable to us, and we are committed to making things right for you.

Once again, I apologize for the inconvenience caused, and I sincerely appreciate your understanding and continued support.

Jan Nelson
Decent Products that cost too much

It is my belief, after trying products, that the price could be cut in half and that would be a fair price.