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A dry scaly face can be frightening, and it can have you questioning whether you are from the human, or the reptilian family! 

The bad thing is that everyone who sees you can smell the dryness from miles away, even when you hide it under layers of makeup. 

When your skin is parched, like truly parched, well, you need more than one product to get it fiercely young again. 

That’s why the Moisturizing Treatment Trio skincare kit is perfect for you. 

With the Hydra Qwench moisturizer, you will be able to keep the skin hydrated, nourished, well supplied with blood and youthful. Don’t worry if the skin swallows the Hydra Qwench serum fast during the first few days of application. That’s what a neglected, thirsty skin does!

The Face It, You Look Amazing! is a revitalizing serum that will kick some life back into your skin. Deep down, you know you look super dope, but age, lifestyle, lack of enough rest and sleep have ruined your skin. Now, here is a chance to kick ass with the silkiest skin ever. That is what you get after faithfully using the Face It, You Look Amazing! revitalizing serum. 

Finally, in the moisturizing package, you get to try the Up Up & Away serum that firms the neck, and decollete skin. Powered by a peptide complex, vitamin C, and Hyaluronic acid, it promotes collagen production, skin brightening, and moisturizes the skin, keeping it supple and elastic. 

Using the Moisturizing Treatment Trio effectively

Firstly, always start by cleansing the area of application using a gentle cleanser or plain water, then dab the area dry with a clean towel. 

Secondly, apply utmost two pumps of the Face It, You Look Amazing! gel into the areas that need skin firming and more collagen production. 

Thirdly, apply the Up Up & Away cream on your neck, about 1 or 2 pumps on the neck, and decollete areas. 

Fourthly, apply the Hydra Qwench nighttime moisturizing cream to lock-in the moisture for all-time hydration. 

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Customer Reviews

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Donna Matthew
The best

I have always used and spent a lot on different skin care. At age 65 none of the over the counter products worked and were pricy. In the 14 days my skin looks and feels more hydrated. Great product and value.

Annmarie Gay

Hi Robin, I’m not sure yet! I really don’t know what order to do the skincare? I’m 54 and getting the jowls and loose neck. I hope to see results soon

Dale Kelso

I love Robin!