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Benefits Instantly moisturizes and softens skin Makes wrinkles, scars and stretch marks less visible Contains antioxidants to fight free radical damage Key Ingredients Shea Butter Intensely hydrating, rich in essential fatty acids and nutrients. Soften the look of wrinkles, stretch marks and scars. Macadamia Seed Oil Lightweight, absorbs quickly into...
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Benefits Softens and smooths hands on contact Protects skin against free radical damage Prevents hangnails and rough cuticles Key Ingredients Mango Butter Cold-pressed from the seeds of the ripe tropical mango, this emollient is rich in essential fatty acids, vitamin C and A Milk Thistle Contains silymarin and vitamin E,...
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Benefits Gently cleanses skin with a luxuriously moisturizing, elegantly fragrant lather. Boosts collagen production for firmer skin. Contains antioxidants to fight free radicals. Key Ingredients Aloe The gel within the leaves of this ancient plant has been used for centuries to heal and soothe skin. Calendula Flower Extract Calendula extract...
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Benefits Mood-elevating and luxurious, as a personal daily indulgence. Use it as a foundation for layering fragrance-- use it under Georgia Hydrating Body Butter and Georgia Moisturizing Hand Cream for the full fragrance experience. Sweet dreams follow after a mist of parfum on your pillow-case. Key Ingredients Top notes: bergamot,...
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Benefits An skin-pampering collection of fragrant, relaxing body treats for an in-home spa experience. Georgia Foaming Shower Gel, Hydrating Body Butter and Moisturizing Hand Cream in the Georgia Gift Box contain natural botanical moisturizers and age-defying antioxidants to keep skin supple and radiant. Envelop yourself (or someone you love) in...
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  This Set Includes Georgia Detox & Delight Bath Salts Georgia Muscle Rx Bath Salts Robin’s logo ceramic tray
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Benefits Relieves muscle and joint soreness Eases inflammation Relaxes body and mind Key Ingredients Mint Leaf Oil (Mentha Arvenis)Stimulates circulation. Used in aromatherapy to relieve pain. Magnesium Chloride When dissolved in warm water, helps ease inflammation of sore muscles and stiff joints. Allantoin Hydrates and exfoliates. Promotes the growth of...
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Benefits Helps move blocked toxins to skin surface to clarify and boost energy Softens and purifies skin Relaxes muscle tension Key Ingredients Rose Fruit Extract Extract of rose-hips is high in natural vitamin C, to brighten skin. In aromatherapy, essential oil of rose is linked with renewed optimism. Magnesium Sulfate...
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Benefits The feminine, botanical essences of blooming rose and evening jasmine join to create an exquisite olfactory backdrop for meditation, relaxation, or romance. Key Ingredients Essences of rose and night-blooming jasmine.
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  THIS SET INCLUDES: - Swarovski Crystal Bow Ring size 4 midi ring - GEORGIA Foaming Shower Gel 8 fl. oz./237mL - GEORGIA "It's My Me Time" Muscle Rx They Deserve It Bath Salts 16.6 oz./470 gm - GEORGIA Eau de Parfum 16.6 oz./470 gm - GEORGIA Hydrating Body Butter 8 fl. oz./237...
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