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After a hard day at work, the temptation to skip your nighttime skincare routine is very high. 

But you know very well that if you sleep with old, dull, and sagging skin, you will wake up looking like a scarecrow in the morning. 

This is why the easy-to-use Night Time Rejuvene Duo package exists, to help you bid goodbye to old, sagging, wrinkly and blemished skin. 

It contains two awesome, and battle-tested products for nightly skincare. These are:

Starlight, Face Bright

Using this serum in your nighttime skin care routine gives you a smooth skin, clears the fine lines and wrinkles, and even improves the complexion. 

Consistent application of this serum as advised in the user guide will have you shining like a star with uniform complexion.

It is formulated with ingredients such as Lentil seed extract to reduce sebum production, allantoin for faster skin cell turnover rate, and the super moisturizer called AcquaBio.

However, the real power is in the Triple Action Brightening Complex which is a combination of vitamin C, lactic acid and Lumiskin. This is why it is referred to as a triple action skin brightening serum.

Welcome Back Youth

This high quality serum has been formulated from the highest quality ingredients. As a retinol serum, it is going to boost the rate of your skin cells turnover. 

This is the rate at which the old skin cells are replaced with new ones to make your skin more supple, youthful and elastic.

This serum is a formulation of Larch Tree Extract, vitamin C and Time-Release Retinol. The Larch tree extract is a good exfoliator, while vitamin C enhances the production of collagen and elastin, and the Time-Release Retinol boosts the regeneration of skin cells.

To use this skincare kit:

Cleanse the face with a natural cleanser, or plain water if you don’t have such. 

Apply the Starlight, Face Bright serum by patting and massaging it gently into the skin. Wait for several minutes for maximum absorption, and then apply the Welcome Back Youth serum, by pumping to your palm and rubbing it in gently into the skin.

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Catherine Mallinson

Night Time Rejuvene Duo: Wake Up Fresh & Rejuvenated!