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Why Do Some Skincare Products Work Faster Than Others?



“You can show the world and yourself that you are more than a mother and a wife. Philip always says that we teach people how to treat us. Teach your family, friends and yourself that you are a woman who deserves loving care and attention.” - Robin McGraw

It’s human nature to want what we want now, and to demand immediate results.

Reality check: any skincare product requires a minimum of several weeks to show visible results.

The good news is this: thanks to our unique, multi-patented process called Dynamic Infusion Technology™, Robin’s products work 26 times faster than products manufactured using conventional methods. 

This ground-breaking process is what sets our products apart. 


The answer is “encapsulation.”


What is encapsulation?

Encapsulation is the safe, effective way of using retinol and other super-potent actives including glycolic, lactic and salicylic acids without risking damage to your precious skin. 

As the name suggests, it means isolating and coating powerful active ingredients inside microscopic capsules. 

If you remember “Tiny Bubbles," the 1967 easy-listening hit by Don Ho, you’ve got an immediate visual for how encapsulation works!

Why is encapsulation important?

The encapsulation process allows product formulators to use varying weights or sizes of molecules, so that ingredients can be directed to specific cells for maximum product effectiveness.

Products that don’t use the encapsulation technique will literally “sit” on the skin’s surface, and are less effective for this reason.

Creating these micro-capsules within a skincare product offers several advantages over prior technologies:

1. Many active ingredients are too powerful to be safely released into the skin at one time.

The process of encapsulation buffers potent actives and allows them to be released gradually into the skin. 

This means that strong ingredients, including retinol serum in Welcome Back Youth, can be used in a formula without triggering inflammation.

2. In a similar way, D.I.T.’s encapsulation process makes it possible for Robin’s NEW Zap! You’re Covered! Acne Day Lotion and Relax! You’re Covered! Acne Night Cream to deliver powerful salicylic acid in effective but safe doses.

Encapsulation prevents an acne flareup when you start using these products, addressing a common response to new routines introducing salicylic acid.

3. Encapsulation is also a ground-breaking formulation technique for the clearing of melasma, or hyperpigmentation. This is especially good news because dark spots and splotches can be so stubborn and long-lasting.

Previous generations of skincare took an extreme approach, literally attempting to bleach the skin with hydroquinone, a chemical which has since been demonstrated to be carcinogenic.

Instead, Robin’s NEW To the Point Dark Spot Corrector uses tranexamic acid to steadily suppress the production of pigment.


Are there more reasons that encapsulation in D.I.T. makes Robin’s products so awesome?

Time-release formulation maintains your microbiome, your skin’s sensitive ecosystem, so that your skin’s natural protection is kept healthy and functioning. 

Remember, the purpose of skin’s microbiome is to prevent harmful bacteria from entering your body, so it’s important!

Encapsulation also makes the coated, suspended ingredient more stable, so the chemistry of the product stays in proper balance and continues to be controlled and effective, down to the last drop.

This state-of-the-art technology is what distinguishes Robin’s products today, and will continue to set us apart as the skincare gold standard in 2020!

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