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What is Tranexamic Acid and How can it Solve Dark Spots?



Tranexamic acid, abbreviated TXA, found in Robin’s To the Point Dark Spot Corrector is a breakthrough for treating melasma by any other name.

If you have dark spots, “age spots," “liver spots," splotches, blotches or patches, discoloration, including the long-lingering “mask of pregnancy,” To the Point Dark Spot Corrector is the stocking-stuffer you should gift yourself.

Used in a thin layer over your entire cleansed face, this power-player puts your skin on the road to clear, spotless, even pigmentation.

What is tranexamic acid?

Tranexamic acid is a synthetic derivative of the amino acid lysine.

OK then, what is lysine?

Lysine is an amino acid, the building-block of protein. Lysine is valuable in skincare products because it helps the skin heal from wounds and form collagen.

Lysine is also an anti-inflammatory, that stops the production of tyrosinase in the melanocytes.

Wait, what?

Tyrosinase is a copper-containing enzyme that starts the production of melanin, or pigment, in cells called melanocytes. 

Yay. No tyrosinase, no excess melanin, no more dark spots.

Tranexamic acid has two additional benefits when formulated into To the Point Dark Spot Corrector:

1. It blocks the transfer of pigment from the melanocytes to skin cells, so it lightens existing dark spots and prevents new spots from forming.

2. Because it’s an anti-inflammatory, TXA calms the skin and protects and maintains the skin’s natural barrier function.

The study of TXA used for pigment control in the skin is fairly new to science, but the abilities of this substance to control bleeding (hemostasis) and reduce swelling beneath the skin (angioedema) appear to be related to the ability of TX to control the formation of excess pigment in the skin.

Paired with brightening Kojic acid, Tranexamic acid in our To the Point Dark Spot Corrector is Robin’s state-of-the-art fix for pigment that’s gone rogue as the result of hormonal activity, UV exposure, or a combination.




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