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Two Serums, Double Anti-Aging Power: Robin’s Age Defying Duo


Robin’s philosophy is that it’s never too early and never too late to start living your best life, including having your most smooth, radiant skin. 

That’s why she created her Age-Defying Duo, a pair of serums that target the major signs of aging—day and night and around the clock.

For day, there’s Face It, You Look Amazing! Revitalizing Serum.

For night, there’s Vita Boost Vitamin C Infusion Serum.

The anti-aging power of this duo is in the way the ingredients interact. 

Both serums release their ingredients into the epidermis synergistically.


What is a serum, and why are serums important?

In skincare, a serum is a highly concentrated, potent product with a small molecule size.

The small molecule size is essential to the effectiveness of the serum, because it allows the product to penetrate the epidermis more deeply than a moisturizer or other skincare product.

In the case of Robin’s Age-Defying Duo, the active ingredients literally work this way together around the clock to relax facial expression lines, boost collagen production, and energize cell turnover.


What ingredients are in these powerful serums, and what can they do for my skin?

Vitamin C is a powerful defender of collagen, skin’s springy, bouncy support-system. 

This antioxidant also balances the production of pigment in the skin.

Exposure to free radicals, including the sun’s rays, attacks our Vitamin C reserves as well as our collagen. This is, of course, why our skin develops fine lines, wrinkles and areas of dark spots as we get older, so Vita Boost Vitamin C Infusion Serum to the rescue, each night! 

Ginseng root supports essential Qi, also spelled chi, meaning life-force in the ancient system called Traditional Chinese Medicine.

This robust root may not be the most gorgeous botanical in the basket, but it’s been used for centuries to energize and balance both mind and body.

And that’s why Robin uses it in her Revitalizing Serum to boost cell turnover for fresh, glowing skin.

Ferulic acid, found in bran, tree bark and fruit-seeds, is itself an antioxidant.

But what’s more important, ferulic acid stabilizes other antioxidants, including Vita Boost’s epic vitamin C, which can quickly lose its potency when exposed to sunlight and air.  

Ferulic acid acts synergistically in the formula, making other skin care ingredients last longer and work harder to fight free radicals!

Pick up this powerful pair to erase fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots, and keep collagen strong for firm, lifted skin.


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