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Summer Cleansing Tips: Good, Clean Fun for a Skin-Safe Summer


Summer’s super-heat, sun, sweat, salt, chlorine — and extremes of dryness and humidity — can all make skin more sensitive and prone to redness.

So, during these scorching and sultry months, be sure to cleanse your skin with TLC.

Choose a face wash that soothes and hydrates as well as gently lifts away impurities, like our NEW Tender Loving Cleanser.

The purifying lather controls bacteria with naturally antiseptic goldenseal root, and calms irritation with botanical extracts of aloe vera and baobab.

Here’s some advice to keep your skin from feeling fried:


Are makeup wipes okay instead of my face-wash?

There’s a better way.

Instead of your usual makeup wipes, try NEW Peace Out! I’m Doneour game-changing micellar cleansing toner.

Just a spritz on a cotton pad gently dissolves eye pencil and mascara, not to mention that hard-wearing, long-lasting sunscreen. 

Soothing aloe, rose, thyme, and seaweed extracts keep skin calm, cool and collected while the toner melts away product build-up, grease, and grit for a pristine finish. 

Wipes tend to be super-strong, and they can lead to potential irritation of the delicate eye area.

Micellar is just as quick, and is gentler on skin, especially the dainty eye-area.


Should I exfoliate my skin this summer?

Yes, it’s good to exfoliate once or twice a week after cleansing with our Polish to Perfection, to buff away dead cells from the skin surface using tiny, fine-milled Ecuadorian Ivory Seed Powder.

And guess what tools are best for cleansing your face? Just the soft pads of your own incredibly sensitive fingertips.

If you use a brush, sponge, scrubber-pad or even a washcloth, it’s easy to overdo the pressure and friction on your skin and in the process rough up the lipid layer – not good, especially if you’ve gotten some sun recently.

So just go hands-on, and go easy!



Do I need to wash my face more than twice a day?

Actually, no. It’s tempting, especially when you’re overheated.

But too much of a good thing, including even the gentlest cleanser, may make skin prickly and reactive.

Splash your face with cool water as often as you like, but don’t overdo the suds.


Two summer skin-cleansing hacks:

1. Keep a spare water bottle filled with plain water on hand, and use it to rinse off sweat, salt and chlorine for sports, beach and road-tripping.

For a more thorough cleanse, try this hack: add a pearl-sized bead of our T.L.C. Tender Loving Cleanser or Foaming Joy Cleanser into your spare water bottle, add H20, then shake it up, baby!

Pour it over your face and neck to lift off hard-earned sweat, grime, salt, and chlorine.

It’s an instant, refreshing cleanse. Just rinse with more plain water!


2. To make a happy place for your face: designate a small, absorbent towel specifically for blotting your face after cleansing.

This is especially important if you have lots of summer house-guests who dry their hands on whatever’s on the bathroom rack!

Your big bath towel is also a breeding ground for bacteria that your face doesn’t need, so just keep a fresh face-towel on hand as part of your beauty arsenal.

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