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The perfect complexion is even and glowing. But upticks in our melanin – the skin’s natural, protective pigmentation – leave their mark in the form of dark spots, blotches and splotches. If they’re freckles, they can be pretty cute (you’ll grow into them). If they’re random dark spots, not so much.

A few factors typically set off a melanin explosion in your skin, producing pigmentation:

Light exposure: 
In the sun, our skin produces melanin in an effort to shield our internal organs from ultraviolet damage, literally creating shade. The initial result may be a golden tan, but dark spots often follow. And here’s the latest flash: the sun is not skin’s only enemy. The electronic blue light from smartphones, laptops, tablets and TVs impacts natural skin repair, too. Face it: most of us are bathed in this blue light from our 24/7 screen-time, and our skin may show and feel the results with rapid signs of aging.

For women, intense hormone shifts from taking the birth control pill, pregnancy, and menopause often result in darkened skin areas, too. A woman expecting a baby may experience “the mask of pregnancy”, darkened areas on the forehead, cheeks and upper lip. These obvious dark splotches may remain on the skin decades later, especially if the pigment has been deeply sealed in place by sun exposure.

Lighting up:
Smoking cigarettes introduces free radicals into your body and suppresses the natural antioxidant process. So smoking may make dark spots more visible and more severe, more quickly.

The basic recipe for our skin-pigmentation is embedded deep in our DNA, like our eye-color and hair-color. This includes our skin-color, and traits like freckles. But inheritance aside, there’s a lot that you can do to stop dark spots from forming on your skin, and to lighten up dark areas you already have.


Take these steps to brighten your dark spots:

1 – Throw some shade:

There is no question that exposure to UV triggers darkening of the skin. With this in mind, protect your skin with a SPF 50+ broad spectrum sunscreen every day, even if you plan to stay indoors. Remember that all complexions, from fair to caramel to chocolate skin tones and everything in between, are vulnerable to sun damage. We now know that UV rays can reach our skin through window-glass, and can cause lasting damage even when skies are gray, so keep your skin safe every day.


2 – The big reveal:

Polish away those surface-layers of dead skin cells to help skin look brighter, so dark spots begin to look lighter. Choose a cleanser that contains an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) like Apple Fruit Extract, and micro-polish your skin a couple of times a week with an antioxidant scrub—look for one containing Ecuadorian Ivory Seed Powder. Try a 0.3% Retinol serum as a weekly night-treatment to power-lift away dark spots. This potent form of Vitamin A also softens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and firms the skin.


3 – Do the bright thing:

For centuries, Traditional Chinese Medicine has skillfully treated dark spots with herbs. As far back as the Ming Dynasty (16thcentury), Asian master-herbalists combined roots, leaves, seeds, barks and flowers to create an evenly toned, glowing complexion. Today, some of these ancient ingredients are at the forefront of the newest skin-brightening breakthroughs. When shopping for skin brighteners, be on the lookout for these classic botanical ingredients that are making a high-tech comeback:

Mulberry Root Extract – Skin-brightening, soothing essence extracted from the root
  of the flowering Mulberry tree

Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract – Spot-lightening extract, rich in Vitamin E, made from
  the leaf of one of the earth’s most ancient plants

Ginseng Root – Energizing botanical super-charges cell-turnover, revealing fresher
  skin and helping to lighten dark spots

The best way to fight dark spots is to never let them form in the first place. But unless you live in a deep, dark cave, this may not be possible.

And what fun would that be, anyway? Life’s a beach, and there’s no need to hide out. And no one’s suggesting that you break up that romance with your phone, either—just treat your skin right to deal with the daily dose of rays from the sun and screen.

So lighten and brighten dark spots as soon they appear.

Hit the spot with Robin’s NEW To the POINT ™ Dark Spot Corrector --This daily, fast-absorbing cream delivers 19 skin-brightening botanicals into the skin, 26 times faster than conventional products. It’s possible only through our unique delivery-system called Dynamic Infusion Technology™. Bad news for dark spots, but a cause for the happy-dance when you want a more evenly pigmented, glowing complexion.

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