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Everything You Need To Know About Cleansing With Foaming Joy Purifying Facial Cleanser


Clean skin is happy skin, and choosing the right cleanser is key.

Our Foaming Joy Purifying Facial Cleanser was developed by our brand founder Robin McGraw to be compatible with a wide range of skin types. 

Use it in the morning to create a pristine canvas for makeup, and again in the evening as part of your night-time routine to gently remove every speck of makeup as well as sweat, cast-off skin cells, and city-gritty grime.

This cleanser also exfoliates, prevents irritation, and protects collagen—so you might even decide to skip your foundation and concealer!

As our founder Robin McGraw says, “Go a day without makeup and smile at everyone. Watch how many compliments you will get on how beautiful your smile is, and how radiant your skin looks.”

Here are Robin’s insights around our best-selling Foaming Joy:


Is it really necessary for me to wash my face in the morning if I cleanse before bed?

Yes, it’s a good idea. Because believe it or not, your skin is not idle while you are sleeping.

During the night, your body temperature typically rises and your entire body works overtime to rid itself of cellular waste.

This includes your skin, so just a gentle wash and rinse will whisk it all away, creating an immaculate, fresh face for the new day.


Should I exfoliate as a separate step?

Foaming Joy contains apple fruit extract, which is a mild alpha hydroxy acid (AHA).

The AHA gently loosens dead skin cells while you sleep—all it takes is a light wash and rinse in the morning to start your day with super-clean, polished skin!

You may also want to exfoliate as a separate step once or twice a week, with our Polish to Perfection Micro Polishing & Exfoliating Scrub.

This non-abrasive buffer will polish off stuck-together cells that collect on your skin, revealing a baby-soft glow.


Is a double-cleanse necessary?

This trendy double-up is a matter of personal preference.

Our Foaming Joy was developed to be gently effective using one dime-sized bead of product and warm water. 

While doing a second pass is not necessary, double-cleansing with Foaming Joy won't dry you out either.

A second ultra-cleansing step that may appeal to you if you wear waterproof makeup, especially hard-wearing pencils designed to stay put around the clock, is our NEW Peace Out! I’m Done...Micelle Multi-Complex Cleansing Toner.

Just a spritz on a cotton pad after your usual cleanse melts away the last trace of just about anything that lingers on your skin, including super-durable sunscreen, foundation, and concealer. Unlike alcohol-based toners and astringent, ours won’t sting or strip your skin of its protective lipid layer.


Add it to your routine!

Grime Fighting Dynamic DuoFoaming Joy brings pore-clogging debris to the skin's surface, while Peace Out! I’m Done...whisks the tiniest impurities off your face and onto a disposable cotton pad. Summon the superpowers of this pair for a super-clean that’s balanced and healthy!

Take Care of You TrioFoaming Joy gently lathers away dirt, while Polish to Perfection buffs away dry surface cells to reveal your radiance. Brighten and balance pigmentation with illuminating serum, Let There Be Bright, and banish dark spots and dullness.

O-Ward Winners- No wonder these are on Oprah’s wish-list. Foaming Joy purifies skin with just a gentle wash, while Hydra Qwench deeply-nourishes skin as a delectable night-time moisturizing treatment. 

Daytime Skin PrepFoaming Joy’s the wake-up call a pristine start, while Let There Be Bright evens out pigmentation and gradually fades dark spots to brighten your skin and your day!

Mini Essentials– Take your skincare routine en route with these TSA-friendly sizes of three must-haves, especially welcome after the hyper-dry air of an airplane cabin. Foaming Joy purifies and refreshes, while Polish to Perfection buffs away dullness. And plump up even the most jet-lagged complexion with Hydrated Skin = Youth.

Daytime LiftFoaming Joy cleanses skin for a fresh morning start, creating the perfect canvas for instant shaping with peptide-powered OMG! Is This Really Me?Then, face the new day well-moisturized, with Hydrated Skin = Youth

Four for Him Men’s KitFoaming Joy lathers away even dude-ly dirt, while Polish to Perfection buffs off those hardened surface cells that might challenge his game-face. 50 Fierce protects his sensitive side from sun-damage, and our Hydrating & Firming Face Mask refreshes hard-working skin when a fella needs a little “Manly Me-Time.” 

Nighttime Recovery Routine- After a long day, melt away every speck of makeup and dirt with Foaming Joy, exfoliate with Polish to Perfection to reveal a fresh, new glow, and deeply nurture your cells in need of nourishment while you sleep with Hydra Qwench. 

Recovery KitPristine, polished, and plump – this foursome brings back the best in your skin, starting with the gentle wash, Foaming Joy and micro-exfoliant Polish to Perfection. Moisturize day and night with Hydrated Skin = Youth as part of your day-routine, then slip into deeply nurturing Hydra Qwench before bed.

Dry Skin RoutineLife can be downright parching, so keep your inner moisture levels brimming, starting with a gentle cleanse with Foaming Joy. By day, fend off dehydration and keep skin pleasingly plump with Hydrated Skin = Youth. As a night-treatment, deliver deep-reaching moisture with Hydra Qwench.

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tami self

August 26, 2019

i have been using my skincare with Robin for a week now and I am in love, I have placed yet another order and how wonderful a free body care with each order!!! that’s so generous and everything is packed so beautiful. thank you so much.

Kathleen Overman

September 26, 2019

I absolutely love these products. I am 74 and have tried thousands of dollars of products. these products have been the first ones I have raved about. The dark spot corrector is awesome and really works. You can see lightness in as early as a week. I also love the foaming joy face wash. Wonderful smell and feel. I feel refreshed every time I use it. The price of these products is super in comparison to many other products. Definitely try them.


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