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More Than a Moisturizer: Robin's NEW Firm Skin = Happy Skin Day Hydration & Firming Lotion


Robin’s NEW Firm Skin = Happy Skin Day Hydration & Firming Lotion takes more than mere moisture up a notch. Although lightweight in feel and comfortable to wear, this day lotion doesn’t simply coat the skin’s surface. 

Used daily, this lotion will help skin fill in the gaps formed below the skin surface by repetitive expression-lines, especially those around the eyes, mouth, and across the forehead.

How does it work?

Day Hydration & Firming Lotion prevents expression-lines from getting deeper, so that skin looks fresher. The formula may also prevent new expression lines, crow’s feet, plus fine lines and wrinkles from forming by protecting collagen structure.

Visualize a woven piece of cloth, and that’s the basic structure for your skin.

In young skin, the strands of collagen and elastin, which is the stretchy, strong protein that underlies skin with a mesh or webbing of support, grow in evenly spaced rows beneath the skin.

The rows are interwoven, just like the loops of a potholder you may have made in summer camp!

Free radicals attack the spacing and tension of this tight, bouncy mesh. 

The damaged strands begin to clump and unravel like a pot of noodles gone astray, and can no longer support your tissues.

Gaps and slack areas form between the strands, resulting in wrinkles and creases, especially where your face is affected by constant, repetitive muscular contractions. 

Puckering your mouth around a drinking straw or cigarette and raising your eyebrows with every sentence are common expressions that leave a mark on skin as your collagen and elastin “textile” starts to unravel.


What ingredients help create this “filler” effect?

One gram of hyaluronic acid can hold up to six liters of water, making it almost literally a fountain of youth for mature skin that’s rapidly losing moisture.

Hyaluronic acid is essential to helping skin produce collagen.

Wakame is an edible marine seaweed full of the antioxidant that protect cell-walls against attack from free radicals.

Wakame also helps hyaluronic acid bind collagen and elastin fibers together (again, think “potholder-power”), keeping them smooth, firm and flexible to diminish the depth of fine lines and wrinkles.

Caffeine is a friend to both early-birds and night-owls, and also to your skin.

This chemical “wake up call” is an astringent, temporarily constricting capillaries and tightening pores for a more polished, refined texture.


I’ve used all of these ingredients before. What makes Robin’s lotion better?

Dynamic Infusion Technology™ (D.I.T.) is our innovative formulation process that works in several ways to deliver potent active ingredients into the skin without causing inflammation.

The active ingredients in Day Hydration & Firming Lotion hyaluronic acid, wakame seaweed, and caffeine — are processed using a technique called micro-encapsulation, where the ingredient is captured in tiny bubbles within the emulsion.

This micro-encapsulation technique allows high concentrations of the time-release of potent active ingredients, so they reach specific targets within the skin without creating irritation.

In the case of hyaluronic acid, this product uses two molecular sizes or weights, which release into the skin in two phases for long-term benefits. 

D.I.T. also delivers wakame and caffeine into the skin at high concentrations without causing inflammation.

Just as water will drain out of a leaky bucket, skin that’s losing the structural support of collagen can’t contain its precious moisture supply. So make Robin’s innovative new lotion your daily defense against collagen loss — it’s your “firm fix” to keep skin supple and lifted.

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