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How To Cleanse Your Sensitive Skin With T.L.C. Tender Loving Cleanser Foaming Sensitive Skin Cleanser


Our brand founder Robin McGraw always says, “Anyone who takes time to be kind is beautiful.”

With this in mind, always be kind to your skin, especially if it’s sensitive, tender, or feels hot to the touch.

Many factors can cause these reactions, so Robin created her soothing new T.L.C. Tender Loving Cleanser Foaming Sensitive Skin Cleanser to keep skin calm and balanced while gently lifting away impurities.

How often should I wash my sensitive skin?

We developed T.L.C. Tender Loving Cleanser to be used twice a day.

One exception: if your face is sunburned.

When sunburnt, your skin might be happiest with an overnight skin “fast,” meaning that you may want to skip all skincare products completely for a day if you’re really feeling the burn.  

Just splash your face with cool water until the next day, then cleanse gently and follow up with a fragrance-free moisturizer.

Try our Hydrated Skin = Youth Plump Perfecting Moisturizer, which contains calming chamomile to soothe irritation and safflower seed oil to keep skin hydrated.

Why does my skin feel tender?

Your skin feels tender because you’re experiencing some form of inflammation.

Inflammation is the body’s protective response to cell damage. Typically there’s a rush of extra blood to an injured area, and this can cause redness, heat and swelling.

You may be born with naturally sensitive skin — it often accompanies very fair pigmentation and Northern European heritage, although it’s by no means limited to people of this description.

This type of skin may be prone to “flushing” and blushing. 

Everyone experiences a flushed look or pink cheeks after a hard run in the heat, or a day in the snow, but if your skin stays that way, you probably have sensitive skin.

Sensitization and the resulting inflammation may happen later in life, as the result of many different kinds of exposure — UV being the most obvious.

Remember that even if you haven’t been consciously offering yourself up to the sun-gods, UVA touches our skin every day. 

UVA is the long-wave form of UV that damages skin, and it can cause redness and irritation.

This ray even passes through windows to reach your skin indoors — even when you’re driving! 

Depending on your skin chemistry, even mild sun exposure can sensitize skin.

Your skin may also develop redness and soreness as the result of frequent contact with chemicals in your environment. 

These may range from industrial toxins, like formaldehyde invisibly released by furniture and flooring, to free-floating pollen and cat-dander. 

That’s why Robin created her new T.L.C. Tender Loving Cleanser, since sensitization can happen to anyone, just about anywhere.

Why is this cleanser right for my sensitive skin?

First, like all of our products, T.L.C. Tender Loving Cleanser doesn’t contain parabens, artificial fragrances, or other common irritants that can kick up an inflammatory reaction.

Second, botanicals with lots of history — baobab, goldenseal, and aloe vera — work synergistically to calm irritation and protect cells from damage, thanks to super-high antioxidant content.

The baobab is a massive tree that would look right at home in a Dr. Seuss illustration. 

But in spite of its goofy appearance, baobab is called the “tree of life,” and for centuries has been the source of ingredients for keeping skin radiant. it’s even a traditional treatment for lightening scars and stretch-marks. 

This botanical contains more antioxidant power than superfoods blueberries and pomegranates combined, and packs a whopping 20 times the antioxidant value of green tea!

Goldenseal and aloe vera have also been used for centuries to heal wounds and treat irritation of all kinds, and together they turn this frothy face wash into a soothing, calming balm for sensitive skin.


What else can I do to keep my sensitive skin happy?

Wash your face with warm water, and rinse with cool or cold water. Avoid hot water, which can add more heat to already-sensitive skin.

Also, skip the facial brushes and just use your fingertips to create a foaming lather — and blot, don’t rub your face when drying. 

Use a soft, clean towel that you keep specifically for your face. 

And treat yourself to some fabulous, high thread-count pillowcases-- the less rough handling the better for all skin of course, and especially when yours is prone to sensitivity.

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1 comment

Marian vonstreicher

September 05, 2019

I have Irish skin ,,very sensitive! Learned something new today in how to take care of it ! Will be buying this item and will inform you on my progress Thank you 😊 Marian


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