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How Can I Stay Looking Fresh During the Busy Holiday Season? Robin has the Answer!


We all love the holidays, from baking dozens of delicate almond cookies to tying that bow on that last gift!

And you’ll need a smart-skin strategy when you’re dashing around town to snap up candy-canes and mistletoe, cooking up a storm, or maybe jetting off to see loved ones.

Late nights and long flights can dehydrate your skin.

And lots of partying, including lots of sugar, can make skin look and feel less supple and vibrant.

No partying? No way!

All you need to get the pretty-party started is Robin’s Fine Lines & Wrinkles Duo, Robin’s power-pairing of Dot Your Eyes and Welcome Back Youth.

How does the Fine Lines & Wrinkles Duo work?

This powerful pair keeps skin firm, plump and perfectly hydrated in a couple of ways.

Key to the equation: antioxidants including green tea and vitamin C fight free radical damage. 

Antioxidants do the following:


1-Help skin to generate more collagen. 

Your collagen-supply naturally declines as you age, and UV exposure as well as pollutants in the air also causes collagen to deteriorate, so replacing lost collagen is essential to keeping skin looking firm.

2-Increase the rate of skin cell production. 

This is essential to soft, vital-looking skin because as we age, the production of skin-cells naturally slows down.

Dead, cast-off skin cells then collect on the skin’s surface, and as a result, your complexion looks dull, dry and roughened. 

These two factors—increasing collagen-production in the skin, and speeding up skin cell production—literally fill in and lift lines and wrinkles from inside the skin.

The result is a smoother, younger-looking complexion.

3- Control the production of melanin in the skin.

The even distribution of melanin or pigment in the skin is crucial to a young-looking complexion. 

Several factors can cause the pigment release into the skin to become inconsistent and literally “spotty," such as changes in hormone levels, and sun-exposure.

The result is dark spots and splotches, so antioxidant protection is a must-do to keep your skin clear and spotless.

How else do these products reduce my fine lines and wrinkles?


1- Retinol

Robin's Welcome Back Youth Retinol Serum contains a retinoid that prompts skin cells to turn over more rapidly.

Retinoids also increase skin’s thickness and elasticity, slows the breakdown of collagen, and lightens brown spots caused by sun exposure.

Dynamic Infusion Technology™ , or D.I.T., is our multi-patented process that makes retinol even more effective than was possible with earlier formulation methods.

The key is encapsulation. 

Encapsulation means to create microscopic capsules, which literally are bubbles containing an active ingredient.

Retinol is an especially potent active ingredient, and encapsulation makes it possible to an effective concentration of retinol without irritating the skin.

Products using the D.I.T. deliver-system work 26 times faster than products made using conventional methods.


2 - Peptides

Peptides are “messenger molecules” that re-program cells.

Peptides in Dot Your Eyes, Robin’s favorite eye cream, help to boost collagen production.


3 - Active Botanical Ingredients

Robin’s products are plant-powered!

Naturally derived ingredients including Persian Silk Tree extract slow down a process called glycation, an aging-factor triggered by excess sugars in the skin.

Yes, extra holiday treats may mean lots of sweets, so make sure to Dot Your Eyes to offset the after-effects!

The Fine Lines & Wrinkles Duo pairs well with:

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