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How Can I Simplify My Morning Skincare Routine in 2020? Meet Robin's Morning Me Pick Up


Simplify, streamline, de-clutter— it’s what we all want in 2020!  

With Robin’s Morning Pick Me Up routine, you can hydrate, lift and protect your skin in just three power-moves!

Start by test-driving this time-efficient routine during the busy holiday season—betcha you’ll make it a daily keystone in the new year!

What does my skin need most in the morning?

After a gentle cleansing, what your skin needs most to face the day is moisture, firming, and UV protection.

Here’s what’s in the routine: 

Dot Your Eyes Power Peptide Cream: Botanical Persian Silk Tree Extract in the formula protects skin from glycation, the aging process triggered by sugars in the skin. Robin’s peptide-complex signals to cells to generate more collagen, helping skin resist against the formation of fine lines around the eyes.

Hydrated Skin=Youth Plump Perfecting Moisturizer: Safflower Seed Oil minimizes wrinkles, Green Tea Extract fights free radical damage to restore collagen, and Apple Fruit Extract mildly exfoliates skin and stimulates new cell growth, all for a dewy, fresh complexion.

50 Fierce Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ Moisturizer & Sunscreen: CoQ10 and Vitamin C deliver powerful antioxidant benefits to prevent and repair sun damage. Both physical and chemical sunscreens in the formula shield skin from UVA (aging) and UVB (burning) rays, while peptides and antioxidant Green Tea Extract prevent and repair UV damage.

Which product do I use first?

After your morning cleanse, pat tiny beads of Dot Your Eyes around the eye-orbit.

Then, smooth a dime-sized bead of Hydrated Skin=Youth from your hairline to your bra-line.

Follow with a final step of a thin layer of 50 Fierce over the moisturizer.

You can protect your shoulders, arms and hands with 50 Fierce, too!

Can I use these products at night also?

Dot Your Eyes is a great refresher when you’re headed to a holiday party. 

You’ll look like you spent the day resting and relaxing instead of racing around shopping, baking, wrapping, cooking and decorating!

Ditto for Hydrated Skin=Youth. Cleanse your skin before applying both of these products as an evening routine.

As for sunscreen, it’s not for nighttime. The primary purpose of 50 Fierce is to protect skin from UV damage, which won’t be necessary after sunset.

Keep your morning fast and simple with Robin’s Morning Pick Me Up: a big world and a great new day await you just outside your front door! 

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