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How Can I Get Rid of My Blackheads?



If you’re lucky, your skin has been free of red bumps since your teenage years. 

But, if you’re like most people, you still have a skin condition that dermatologists classify as acne: blackheads.

Why do I have blackheads, but not pimples?

Short answer: you’re lucky!

Pimples can be painful and can leave a scar. Blackheads don’t do either, and they’re pretty easy to get rid of.

Unlike a pimple, a blackhead is not caused by bacteria, and is not considered inflammatory acne.

Blackheads are pores that are blocked with oil and dead skin cells. 

Because the pore is open, it is exposed to oxygen, and this oxidation causes what’s inside the follicle to turn black.

Do blackheads mean that my skin is dirty?

Not really. 

Some people are genetically prone to pores that get clogged.

This may be because the pore is slanted, or isn’t functioning properly and does not move the natural flow of sebum.

When this build-up of sebum reaches the surface of the skin, air turns it black.

This is the reason that scrubs won’t remove blackheads. 

Ditto for pore-strips.

Once the pore is filled with darkened material, normal cleansing won’t get rid of the blackhead.

A scrub or strip may buff off the top of the deposit that’s inside the pore, but the deeper deposit remains. 

And over-aggressive scrubbing—never pick or squeeze, please!—will irritate skin without expelling the clog.

In order to truly remove the dark content of a pore, you need another approach.

Acid is the Answer

To clear pores of darkened gunk, you need to dissolve the deposit and lift all of the material out of the follicle.

Two types of acid may be helpful: salicylic acid (an alpha hydroxy acid or AHA) and glycolic acid (a beta hydroxy acid BHA).

These acids break down tough, calloused skin on the heels, for example.

Both of these acids also liquefy hardened, darkened deposits in a pore, so that your complexion becomes clear, even, and glowing.

These acids are popular ingredients in face washes and masks, so use them as part of your ongoing skincare routine to keep pores clear.

Robin’s new Rx acne line to the rescue!

Relax! You’re Covered! Sweet Dreams...Night Acne Cream and Zap! You’re Covered! All Day Long! Day Acne Lotion are both made with willow bark extract, a botanical source of salicylic acid. 

This ingredient is a natural exfoliant, so skin can shed the dead cells that collect and darken in pores. 

Try them together as Robin’s Rx Acne Fighting Duo to banish those dark specks and keep skin spotless!

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