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Great Expectations: How Fast Will Your New Skincare Product Work?


We’re living in the age of IG, or immediate gratification.

And while digital technologies may have reduced our collective attention-span to that of a hummingbird, the desire for an instant fix to every problem is hard-wired into humans. 

Case in point, trying a new skincare product.

Perhaps your skin’s feeling dry or oily, or you’re noticing new lines around your eyes, or you’re suddenly peppered with a flurry of blemishes that seem to come out of nowhere.

How soon you can realistically expect your new skin care product to deliver results depends on three things:

  • The skin condition you’re dealing with
  • Your specific skin
  • The product itself, meaning the ingredients and the delivery-system of the formula

Keep reading for an estimated idea of how long it’ll take to see results from certain types of products. 

 Mother Nature Has Her Own Calendar

Let’s start with the built-in timeline of skin function: skin requires 28 – 40 days to shed dead cells and send new, fresh, bouncy replacements from the deep interior tissues up to the surface.

This process is at its peak when we’re in our early 20s, and begins to slow with age.

A myriad of active ingredients — from ginseng and sugar kelp to retinol and willow bark— jump-start sluggish cells to get a move on!

But how soon is too soon to expect visible changes from a new skincare product?


  • Daily cleanser

  • Time needed to see results: 5 minutes

Of the entire spectrum of skincare products, a cleanser is only on your skin for a matter of minutes.

But you’ll know right away if your new cleanser is too harsh for your skin — you’ll experience immediate dryness or tightness.

For the record, you never actually want your skin to feel “squeaky-clean,” which indicates that detergents or other active ingredients in the cleanser have stripped your skin’s protective barrier. 

Similarly, “tightness” is not the desired goal when cleansing. 

While you may want a sense of tightness from your peptide eye-treatment, you don’t want your cleanser to give you a tight or drawn feeling.

By contrast, the right cleanser leaves a pristine finish, but skin feels smooth and soft, with no irritation.

Try a purifying cleanser containing a mild AHA like apple fruit extract to gently foam away grime, sweat, makeup and even long-wearing sunscreen. For a deep clean, splash micellar cleansing toner on a cotton pad and swipe over your face after your usual wash for an immaculate, balanced cleanse. Micellar water is also a super makeup remover.  

  • Dark spot treatments

  • Time needed to see results: 15 - 20 days

Dark spots and patches form in the skin when UV, hormones, or inflammation trigger bursts of melanin.

Hyperpigmentation is often long-lasting.

And even when you’ve successfully brightened a dark spot, it’s crucial to keep melanin production under control, or else the spots will return. 

Look for a spot-corrector containing vitamin C, white peony root, licorice root, and kojic acid — and the key here is consistency. Use it morning and evening, every day, to watch spots start to fade.

Your spots should begin to fade within 2 weeks!

To keep excess pigmentation from returning, commit to using a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF50+ every day.


  • Retinol

  • Time needed to see results: 4 – 6 weeks 

This form of vitamin A is considered the silver bullet of skin care.

Retinol products are effective in tackling the gamut of common skin care concerns — including acne, sun-damage, fine lines and wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles under the eyes, and crepey skin due to collagen-loss. 

It’s not really an exfoliant (though some initial flaking is normal)-- it’s a reset button for your complexion.

Retinol sends cellular signals that make cells turn over faster, so skin grows skin thicker, plus more pliant and elastic.

The light peeling that you may experience when using retinol is your skin's natural response to the process called retinization. This is why we recommend that you start with a lower dose and frequency, and work your way up. 

When using retinol, don't exfoliate. And do use SPF+50 sunscreen.

With patience and persistence, the result is smooth, bright, and firm skin.


  • Eye cream

  • Time needed to see results: 30 – 60 days

The eyes are the area of the face where we see the most immediate signs of aging.

This is the result of three factors: the skin there is the thinnest on the face, there are no sebaceous oil glands in the immediate area, and our eyes are the “site” for constant repetitive movement—starting with 10,000 blinks a day. These repetitive movements leave their mark on the skin—fondly known as laugh-lines—as early as our mid-20s.

You need to allow a month or two of regular application for results from eye creams with peptides or retinol as their key actives. While these ingredients are potent and effective, slow and steady wins the race and patience is key. 

The same is true of antioxidants, which gradually undo the damage done by free radicals.

An eye cream that’s primarily a humectant (for example, one made with hyaluronic acid) may plump skin immediately to make superficial fine lines and wrinkles look filled up. We recommend incorporating a peptide-based eye cream and a humectant-based moisturizer into your routine to get the best of both worlds.

Timing is everything, and a product's delivery system determines how quickly you'll see results. Robin McGraw Revelation products are formulated using the unique, multi-patented Dynamic Infusion Technology, which delivers active ingredients into the skin 26 times faster  — so you can get great skin in the here and now.

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Courtney lemaire

September 26, 2019

Ahhh!!! I Am so in love with my skin!! This is the best product line of behave tried yet!!! Radiation has had my skin a little rough but this stuff has started working in 3 days !!! Thank you for making such a great product!! Much love


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