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Get the 10 Minute Makeover with OMG! Is This Really Me?


What can you accomplish in 10 minutes?

You’re probably thinking: not much.

Yes, you could make your bed, empty the dishwasher, or toss the trash.

But here’s much more exciting news: you can see firmer, tighter skin just 10 minutes after patting on OMG! Is This Really Me?

This instant face-shaper was created by Robin McGraw for the woman who may not have the bandwidth for an elaborate skin care regimen, but still wants to be fierce and fabulous every day.


OMG – it’s really easy!

Use it every morning as a wake-up call for your skin, or pat some on as an instant face-refresher before heading out for the evening.

“I started out creating very basic products, let’s call it a ‘survival kit’ for women who might be mothers to young kids," explains Robin. "A purifying cleanser, a polishing scrub, a key moisturizer, and a few things to perk up tired eyes, heaven knows we all need that!

"I have vivid memories from when our sons Jay and Jordan were little. There were many, many mornings when my breakfast was a cup of coffee and a bag of Gummi-bears as I rushed off to carpool, or raced off to a PTA meeting, or one of a million things that moms do every day. Now that my boys are grown, the products are more about long-term benefits, and creating a long-term strategy for healthy, gorgeous skin.”

OMG! Is This Really Me? delivers both immediate and long-term benefits to the skin.

White oak bark is a natural astringent that has an instant tightening effect, so even tired eyes look fresh and rested in 10 minutes or less.

Gotu kola, another key botanical in the formula, pairs with a powerful peptide complex to improve firmness over time by bumping up collagen-production.

This increase in structural support within the skin means that fine lines and wrinkles look lighter and softer.


How to add it to your routine

Use it on clean skin, before moisturizer, sunscreen, and makeup.

After washing and exfoliating your skin as needed, smooth a thin layer of OMG! Is This Really Me? wherever skin needs tightening.

Follow with moisturizer and a layer of broad-spectrum 50+ sunscreen during the day, then apply your makeup as usual.

There are lots of ways to make the most of this age-defying shapewear for the face.

For maximum results, try it in combination with these other energizing, antioxidant products as part of your new routine:

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