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We live in the world of Photoshop, Facetune and filters surrounded by impossibly beautiful faces in super high-definition, high resolution. We may find ourselves wondering, Does anybody really look like this in real life?

The real skinny: real skin has pores, which are actually the tips of hair follicles (yes, everyone has facial hair, ranging from dainty peach-fuzz to more robust hairiness).

We need our pores. If skin could literally breathe, it would be through the pores. They’re the route through which the skin cleanses itself from the inside out, releasing waste from deep inside the cells.

But the sticky, scuzzy fact of the matter is that gunk accumulates in our pores. What you’re usually seeing when you notice large pores is actually dirt inside the pore—also called a blackhead.

Once pores bulk up, they can’t literally “shrink.”  But treat them right, and they can look more subtle and refined.

The newest fix: Pore Tiny Me Pore Perfector contains active botanicals including White Oak Bark, a plant-based astringent that joins with zingy caffeine to give skin a firmer, tighter look. Sugar Kelp Extract in the formula boosts elastin, for strength and flexibility, while Macadamia Seed Oil with natural Omega 6 Linoleic Acid helps skin balance out sebum production, to prevent blemishes that can permanently damage and enlarge pores.

Just a thin layer of Pore Tiny Me creates a flawless canvas for makeup during the day, and also works as a night treatment to refine skin while you sleep.

How and why big pores happen:

Excess oil.  Don’t blame yourself—a lot of it’s genetic. Yes, your DNA may be programmed to give you large pores. And your overall metabolism, especially hormone levels, contribute as well.

It’s no coincidence that pores often loom large on the forehead, in the T-zone and around the nose, where the face naturally produces a lot of sebum, or oil. Sebum attracts grime, and Voila! The pore expands.

People with naturally oilier, thicker skin generally are more prone to bigger pores. This type of skin also usually experiences more breakouts and acne, which can enlarge pores.


Skin becomes less supple. Damage to the skin makes pores dilate and stretch.

Anything that degrades collagen, the skin’s supportive scaffolding, will make pores look more obvious. A common source of this damage is UV exposure, and this cumulative loss becomes more obvious with age.

The reason for this is that the tissue beneath the surface shrinks as you lose collagen, pulling pores wide-open. Once this happens, pores become magnets for makeup, bacteria, urban grime and anything else that settles on the surface of your skin.


Take charge! Pore-purity is a daily challenge, especially if you’re prone to oiliness and taming the T-zone.

For pores to look clean, tight and tiny, that lurking residue has to be blasted out of its hiding place! Begin with cleansing and exfoliating, to pull debris up from the depths.

As a daily step, choose a cleanser that contains a refreshing botanical exfoliant like Alpha Hydroxy Acid Apple Fruit Extract. Do your pores a solid and double-cleanse after you’ve busted a righteous sweat during a workout, and if you’re wearing makeup—especially a waterproof concealer or foundation, and long-wearing sunscreen. These cosmetics are formulated to last for 8 hours plus, so take care to remove all of the evidence, gently but thoroughly every night. Otherwise, tiny specks of these cosmetics will linger in your pores, attract dirt and oil, darken with oxidization, and swell your pores wider!

Do a deeper polish with a brightening scrub a couple of times a week, as part of your night-time skin care routine, to give pores an exhilarating deep-cleaning.

Then apply a thin layer of Pore Tiny Me for pores that look smaller with a super-fine finish.

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