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5 Ways to Better Skin with Sheet Masks


Why mask?

Masks offer unique advantages when treating the signs of aging or other skin concerns. 

The concentration of active ingredients is always high in a mask, so this kind of product is designed as an intensive treatment.

Why sheet-masks are better than masks in a jar

A sheet-mask is a soft, moldable fabric that’s pressed onto the skin, versus a wash-off mask product in a jar or tube that you smooth on with a brush or your fingertips.

Both types of masks can help your skin.

A wash-off mask is often clay-based, and these are great for deep cleansing and purifying the pores.

Sheet masks retain more moisture in their fibers than a typical wash-off mask, so they're ideal for deep-hydration of fine lines and wrinkles.

Robin’s sheet masks are made from bio-cellulose, a natural fiber made from coconut husk, because this flexible, super-absorbent fabrication molds to your features and clings to your skin better than any other type of mask. It also doesn’t dry out for the 15 - 20 minutes it’s on your face.

What Robin’s masks can do for your skin

Robin has developed 4 sheet masks and a pair of targeted under eye masks to address your key skincare concerns:


1. NEW! Super Cooling & Moisturizing Sheet Mask with Green Tea Extract instantly cools the skin and calms irritation while delivering antioxidants deep into the skin to fight free radicals.


2. Hydrating & Firming Sheet Mask with Orchid Stem Cell Extract restores essential moisture for visibly lifted, contoured skin.


3. Fine Lines & Wrinkles Sheet Mask with Peach Blossom Stem Cell Extract plumps and fills the skin-surface for a refined, smooth texture, and prevents new creases from forming.


4. Brightening & Spot Lightening Sheet Mask with Ice-Plant Stem Cell Extract tames rogue pigmentation to fade dark spots, and keep skin-tone even and glowing.


5. Under Eye Recovery Masks with Q10 and Hyaluronic Acid de-puff the under eye, brighten dark circles, and soften the look of crow’s feet— they're great before a party!



They’re so easy to use! Just cleanse your skin, peel the mask out of its wrapper, remove both outer liners and gently press the serum-laden mask over your face. 

Use your masking moment as an opportunity to relax!

We recommend that you lie down, or even just put your feet up, maybe accompanied by your favorite podcast or music (utter silence also works), and enjoy 15-20 minutes of RMR R&R!


When to mask

Your skin needs constant balancing and nourishment, so put one of Robin’s masks on your “Me-time” menu every day, or at least once a week.

Traveling? Do as the supermodels do and slip one on after take-off. You’ll arrive at your destination refreshed!

Robin suggests her Hydrating & Firming Mask as the foundation (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday). 

Try others from Robin’s collection on Sunday, Tuesday, Friday: choose from our NEW Super Cooling & Moisturizing Sheet MaskFine Lines & Wrinkles Sheet MaskBrightening & Spot Lightening Sheet Mask, and Under Eye Recovery Masks!

And your friends may enjoy a mask-moment, too! 

Get several of your besties together for a DIY spa “Goddess Brunch:" masks, mocktails, and girl-talk! (And of course, lots of selfies!)

Bonus points! More ways to mask

Another great thing about masks — they’re versatile! 

Because each mask is absolutely saturated with serum, there’s always a little left over!

After you peel the sheet-mask off your face, smooth the bonus serum onto the tops of your hands, where the delicate skin is always in need of hydrating and brightening.

And, although the sheet mask is shaped to mold to your face, there is absolutely no reason that you can’t use it on your neck and chest (just put a towel under your shoulders before you lie down).

For example, the NEW Super Cooling & Moisturizing Sheet Mask is especially soothing if you’ve been out in the direct sun during the day in a bathing suit or tank top and feel a little scorched.

A mask is probably the most versatile product in your skincare supply cabinet.

All of our masks solve specific problems in the short-term, and because of their high antioxidant content, they build skin strength from within, long-term.

Reveal your best skin with this simple, relaxing step, and happy masking!

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