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4 Fast Steps to Put Your Skin on the Road to Recovery!


Your skin is a work in progress, IRL (in real life).

Robin says, “A long time ago, I accepted the fact that I’m not always going to look twenty or thirty—or even forty or fifty—forever. And truth be told, I don’t want to.”

This liberating attitude is the inspiration behind Robin’s Recovery Kit.

The kit consists of four absolutely essential steps: cleanser, exfoliant, daytime moisturizer, and night-time moisturizer: 


Of course, Robin’s created many other game-changing products that address specific concerns, including new adult acne products, a pore-perfector, a dark spot corrector, and a SPF 50+ sunscreen that doubles as an anti-aging moisturizer.

Use Robin’s Recovery Kit whenever you feel the need to hit the re-set button on your skin.

It’s a great way to start over if your skincare game hasn’t been on point lately, or if your skin has endured a challenge, like a sunburn.

It’s also a great gift for someone else who’s starting out on their skincare journey!

Holiday Hint: Robin often gifts it to men who have been using just bar soap and water instead of legit skincare products (making the jump to a gel-cleanser is a huge paradigm-shift for many guys!).

What are the key ingredients in the kit?

Apple fruit extract is in both Foaming Joy and Hydrated Skin = Youth.

This natural alpha-hydroxy acid works as a botanical exfoliant that loosens dead, dry skin cells.

Green tea extract is in Foaming Joy, Polish to Perfection, and Hydrated Skin = Youth. It’s a powerful antioxidant that signals skin to speed up cell turnover, balance pigment production, and produce more collagen.

Hyaluronic acid in Hydra Qwench holds up to 1000 times its own weight in water, so skin stays moist, firm and glowing after this overnight treatment.

Caprylic acid—also in Hydra Qwenchprevents this rich night cream from causing blemishes.

Ecuadorian Ivory Seed in Polish to Perfection buffs away dry, dead cells from the surface of your skin. 

Robin developed this exfoliant with a superfine powder that’s not abrasive.

Many other exfoliants use larger, rougher scrubbing particles (often made from the shells of apricot pits, for example) which actually scratch the skin and cause micro-tears and inflammatory swelling.

Robin’s scrub uses much smaller particles which are rounded, so there’s no irritation—just a fresh, glowing reveal of baby-soft skin.

How do I use the four products—in what order?

  1. Cleanse, twice a day. This is always your first step. Splash your face with warm water, then work a dime-sized bead of Foaming Joy into the skin. Massage lightly with fingertips, then rinse well with warm water.
  2. A couple of times a week, exfoliate with Polish to Perfection after cleansing your face before bed. While skin is still warm and damp, gently massage a pearl-sized bead of the scrub into the skin, then rinse. Robin recommends exfoliating at night so that the active ingredients can work while you sleep.
  3. During the day, protect your skin from dehydration and the effects of air pollution with Hydrated Skin = Youth. After cleansing, smooth a dime-sized bead of Robin’s most versatile moisturizer over your face and neck.
  4. At night, cleanse skin, exfoliate as needed, then pat on a thin layer of Hydra Qwench to seal in nourishing moisture.

For more information on the "correct" skincare order — check out this blog post

Just a few key steps every day can keep your skin looking and feeling its best every day!

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