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What Order Should I Use My Skincare Products? Meet Robin’s Super-Fine 9


Our products are developed to bring out the best in your skin, at every age and every stage, for however your skin is feeling—whether sunburned, dry, sensitive, breakout-prone, or just super-oily.

We take some of our inspiration from iconic South Korean skincare, also known as K-beauty. You’re probably already a fan of K-beauty trends like sheet masks and jelly makeup. Call it what you like, but the global goal is what’s known as glass skin, a complexion that’s so smooth and flawless that it resembles porcelain. 

K-beauty has a reputation for being complicated, with at least 10 - 12 skincare steps. Robin’s done her master edit, and with her “Super-Fine 9” basics you can start with a simple routine each morning—like a gentle cleanser, moisturizer and sunscreen—then add steps to your routine little by little to see what your skin needs.

Some steps aren’t needed every day, like exfoliation. Other steps can be used as needed, like a sheet mask or a special treatment two or three times a week. 

Getting your best results is all about personalization, customization, and consistency to dedicated self care. 

As with K-beauty, our products bring together traditional botanical ingredients and high-tech formulation, specifically our multi-patented Dynamic Infusion Technology™. This revolutionary delivery-system is designed to enter the epidermis precisely where the ingredient’s benefits are most-needed.

To get the most out of your products, the order in which you apply them can be as important as the ingredients themselves.

The order goes like this:





  5. SERUM





Here’s our step-by-step guide to the best sequence for using your 9 Robin McGraw Revelation favorites: 


1. Cleanser 

Cleanser is always the first step toward healthy, gorgeous skin!

Our mild yet effective cleansers get skin super-clean, and are gentle enough to use every morning and night. 

You may choose to do a double-cleanse, a staple of K-beauty, meaning that you wash your face twice in the morning and twice in the evening. 

Our cleansers are mild enough to do this safely.

Our Foaming Joy Purifying Facial Cleanser gently lathers away pollution, makeup, dead skin cells and excess oil to create an immaculate canvas for other skincare products. It contains apple fruit extract, a mild alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that helps loosen dead skin cells for an easy exfoliation with every wash, plus soothing chamomile to calm potential breakouts. Just dampen skin, lather a pea-sized bead of cleanser on your fingertips, work across the skin in upward circles, then rinse well and blot dry.

Our T.L.C. Tender Loving Cleanser Foaming Sensitive Skin Cleanser is ideal if you have sensitive skin, sunburn, or if your skin is feeling reactive. With naturally antiseptic goldenseal root, anti-inflammatory aloe vera, and antioxidant baobab extract—this foaming cleanser lifts away makeup and grime without disturbing your skin’s barrier or stripping away protective natural oils.


2. Micelle Toner

A recommended step for super-clean skin, our micelle cleansing toner takes pristine to a whole new level. 

Micelle water has been the secret of French supermodels for decades. There’s nothing like it for getting that last speck of skincare product or makeup off your skin, especially long-wearing sunscreen and waterproof eye pencils and matte lipstick.

Peace Out! I’m Done!...Micelle Multi-Complex Cleansing Toner reduces redness and inflammation and gently lifts away impurities with exquisite rose and seaweed extracts while leaving your skin feeling soft and hydrated. 


3. Hydrating Toning Mist 

A great way to seal in moisture. Hard Work = A Bonus Rose Hydrating Toning Mist is a lightweight mist that you can use day or night, under makeup, after a tough workout, or anytime in between.  

Waft a few passes over your skin for a burst of purifying hydration, and to balance skin’s pH in a flash.

Robin always carries this product in her handbag, and keeps a spare in the fridge! It’s super-refreshing when chilled.


4. Exfoliant 

Exfoliation is a key to healthy skin since removing the dead cells from the surface of the skin allow treatments and moisturizers to penetrate more effectively.

We recommend that you use an exfoliant on your skin 1x - 3x a week at night, after cleansing so that the active ingredients in the product can continue to work while you sleep.

Moderation is key, because aggressive abrasives can irritate your skin. 

An easy way to integrate exfoliation into your routine is with our Polish to Perfection Micro-Polishing & Exfoliating Scrub. It contains Ecuadorian ivory seed powder to buff away surface impurities. We use a silky, fine-milled powder because larger particles of seeds, pits and shells can actually tear up your skin on a micro-level! 

Our formula also contains antioxidant Japanese green tea extract to help cells regenerate faster, producing firmer collagen and smoother skin. 

Our best-selling exfoliant is even available in a convenient travel size so you’re always ready for take-off.


5. Serum

A serum is a concentrated nutrient formula that is formulated to easily penetrate deeper layers of your skin, so layer it on as your first skincare step after cleansing for maximum effectiveness.

Retinol is the key ingredient in Robin’s most potent serum, Welcome Back Youth Retinol Serum 0.3%. This powerful form of vitamin A is the gold-standard for refreshing and refining the skin’s texture from the inside out. 

Vita Boost Vitamin C Infusion Serum and Face It, You Look Amazing Revitalizing Serum are a couple more serum power-players, and you can alternate them every few days, or every other week for maximum results.

Pat these serums on after cleansing and toning, but before moisturizer.


6. Treatment 

Think of this step as a problem-solver for a specific skincare challenge, whether acne, rosacea, or a dark spot of hyperpigmentation. 

Treatment products often are used day and night, immediately after cleansing and toning for maximum effectiveness. Consistency is key!

To The Point Dark Spot Corrector can be used day and night to treat hyperpigmentation. Botanical ingredients from Traditional Chinese Medicine—ginseng, ginkgo biloba, white mulberry root and kojic acid—work synergistically to fade hyperpigmentation. This small but mighty corrector also builds collagen for a firm, tight, clear complexion.


7. Eye Cream

The delicate eye area is often the first place we first see signs of stress and fatigue. 

The specific needs of the skin around the eyes call for highly active ingredients in a concentration that may not be needed on other parts of your face.

And because this area of the face is in constant motion, it’s quick to reveal “expression lines"—we even move our eyes during the deepest phase of sleep.

Specifically formulated to keep the eye area firm, smooth and bright, our Dot Your Eyes Power Peptide Eye Cream lightens up dark circles and bumps up collagen production. Pat tiny dots above and below eyes for an instantly rested, refreshed look, then follow with moisturizer.


8. Moisturizer

Keeping moisture-levels high is key to achieving “glass skin” or to simply keep skin looking and feeling soft, day and night. 

Moisturizer is always the step to take near the end of your skincare routine. 

During the day, your last step will be sunscreen, or a moisturizer-sunscreen hybrid product. At night, your last step will be a nourishing night moisturizer. 

Hydrated Skin= Youth Plump Perfecting Moisturizer instantly hydrates skin with natural fatty acid safflower seed oil. Antioxidant green tea oil in the formula energizes cell turnover and builds collagen for a firm, lifted look.

50 Fierce Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ Moisturizer & Sunscreen delivers moisturizing benefits with CoQ10 and peptide complex while it wards off the damage of UV rays. 

We recommend that you use sunscreen during daylight hours every day, and with 50 Fierce you likely won’t need a separate day-moisturizer unless your skin is feeling extra-dry.

Hydra Qwench Moisturizing Night Cream slips over your skin like a silk cocoon of nourishing night-time replenishment. 

Hyaluronic acid in the formula is able to hold up to 1000x its own weight in moisture, so you wake up with velvety, supple, firm skin. 


9. Sunscreen

When it comes to protecting your skin health, this is perhaps the most important link in the chain! 

Dermatologists agree that exposure to UV is the primary factor in skin aging. 

New scientific findings now contribute to the case for using sunscreen daily: environmental pollution, and blue light from our digital devices.

Gases and particles in the air magnify the intensity of UV, making outdoor daylight even riskier for your skin.

You also need to wear sunscreen during the day even when you’re indoors. Why?UV can pass through window-glass to reach your skin. 

And, the blue light from your phone, tablet, TV, and desktop computer also cause your skin to produce free radicals, which trigger the common signs of aging.

50 Fierce Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ Moisturizer  & Sunscreen protects and nourishes skin whether you’re catching some waves, prowling the asphalt jungle, or basking in an eerie, blue digital glow while whipping up the mother of all Excel spreadsheets.



Enjoy these products whenever you need them to keep skin fresh and happy.

OMG! Is This Really Me? Instant Face Shaper is a potent gel that tightens and lifts in minutes. Just pat it on over cleansed skin, and follow with moisturizer.

Pore Tiny Me Pore Perfector Cream contains caffeine that makes pores look smaller and finer. Use it as a makeup primer, or dab it onto the T-zone for a foundation-like effect. Apply after moisturizer and follow with sunscreen and makeup during the day. You can also use it at night to purify and refine pores.

Live Life Lifted Firming Neck & Chest Cream is a regenerating night cream for the neckline. 

Add it to your routine right after cleansing and exfoliating to keep this delicate “complexion extension” firm and supple. 

Follow with serum, treatment, and moisturizer.

We think Robin’s sheet masks are the most versatile product on earth! 

These are single-use masks that you unfold and gently press onto cleansed skin, any time, day or night.  

The mask fabric is actually bio-cellulose fibers made from the coconut husk, and these soft natural strands are super-absorbent and super-flexible. They hug your face so that the active ingredients in the mask make maximum contact with your skin.

Each mask is super-saturated, so recline (disco nap!) for 15 - 20 minutes to enjoy your mask.Then remove the mask, and pat in any leftover serum. 

Robin likes to pat the extra serum onto the back of her hands!

Each mask is formulated to meet a specific need, and you can literally use a different mask every day for your happiest skin ever!

Super Cooling Sheet Mask with Green Tea Extract is calming and hydrating after sunburn or a stressful day. Moon orchid in the formula soothes and moisturizes, while green tea protects cells from free radical damage. 3-pack.

Hydrating & Firming Sheet Mask with Orchid Stem Cells lifts and refreshes skin for a rested, energetic look. Perfect for a long flight or after a hard night. 3-pack.

Fine Lines & Wrinkles Sheet Mask with Peach Blossom Stem Cells fills in fine lines and plumps skin surface for a lifted, smooth complexion. 3-pack.

Brightening & Spot Lightening Sheet Mask with Ice Plant Stem Cells defies dark spots and brightens skin for a clear, even glow. 3-pack.

Under Eye Recovery Mask with Collagen and Elastin Boosters perk up the area of the face that’s first to show fatigue: the fine, delicate skin under the eyes. Hyaluronic acid and coenzyme Q10 build collagen and stop excess melanin growth for bright eyes and supple skin. 

Sheet Mask Multi-Pack contains one each of our Hydrating & Firming, Fine Lines &  Wrinkles, Brightening & Spot Lightening, and Under Eye Recovery Masks. Great for a spa weekend of DIY skin beauty! 

The real beauty of knowing these ingredients, the products, and how to use them is that you can adjust your routine to your skin’s ever-changing needs.

Skin not only changes with the seasons—it changes with your own internal “weather”—including hormonal shifts and changes in diet.

It’s fun to explore and find out what works best for you. 

Knowledge is power, and the key to gorgeous skin.

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