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Top Tips For Holiday Travel

Pack Smart

Try to fit everything into one carry-on bag to avoid checking and fees. If that's not possible, don't overstuff checked luggage that must be opened for security checks — it's much harder to cram your stuff back in there. Roll clothing in a cigar shape to save space and cut down on wrinkles, and pack socks inside your shoes.

Don't pack wrapped gifts in carry-on or checked luggage — they'll likely be unwrapped for inspection either way. The best option is to ship gifts to recipients in advance.

Brilliant packing tip: You know those flimsy plastic shower caps you get at hotels? Use them for packing shoes.


Ready for Takeoff

Dry, stale, recirculated airplane air makes skin parched and dull, so it needs extra TLC before and during your flight. The night before, use a scrub, hydrating mask, rich night cream, and eye cream. The next morning, wash your face with a gentle cleanser, then layer on moisturizing serum while skin is still damp, followed by a moisturizer containing hyaluronic acid to hold in hydration. Apply eye cream and lip balm generously. Before boarding, eat a light meal, try to get some exercise, and avoid salt, which can cause you to retain water. Don't forget sunscreen! At high altitude, you're a zillion times closer to the sun, and those damaging rays can penetrate airplane windows, causing serious damage.


Air Wear

Dress in loose-fitting layers made of natural fibers to brave all the temperature changes on your trip. If you'll be bringing a heavy coat or bulky shoes, wear them on the plane so they don't take up valuable space in your suitcase.

Slip-on flat shoes make the most sense for zipping through security. Avoid high heels altogether — stumbling through the airport in stilettos with a pained expression on your face is not a good look.


Pass the Sniff Test

Odors are intensified in the enclosed space of the airplane cabin, where stale air is continuously recycled, so a strong fragrance can be overwhelming. Be kind to passengers with allergies by using fragrance sparingly or not at all.

Ditto for smelly food, another in-flight faux-pas. Think twice before bringing that tuna sandwich or burger with onions on board. Not only will the aroma waft around you while you're eating, but you'll have bad breath during the whole flight.


Beauty at 10,000 Feet

For optimum complexion coddling, forgo makeup and wear big sunglasses and red lipstick at the airport so you can spritz on moisturizing facial mist and apply moisturizer and eye cream to keep skin hydrated while flying. Bring mini sizes in your carry-on (along with disinfectant wipes to sanitize your tray table, armrests, tv screen and any other germ-covered surface). If you don't mind the surprised stares of your fellow passengers, you might even apply hydrating face and eye masks. Another odd beauty opportunity comes courtesy of a well-known makeup artist: "The airplane bathroom is the best place ever to tweeze your eyebrows!" she raves. "The lighting is the most unforgiving, so you see everything!"


Happy Landing

Before getting off the plane, a quick primp is in order. Brush your teeth, check your hair, give yourself one last spritz of facial mist and put your sunglasses on. A swipe of red lipstick and you're good to go.

Bon voyage!

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