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Robin’s Texas Two-Step for Fabulous Holiday Skin



The holidays are Robin’s favorite time of the year, and her Best Face Forward Duo is an awesome way to get gorgeous glow, under the mistletoe, under the falling snow, New Year’s Eve, and for every day of 2020!

This simple two-step approach to lifted, firm skin is especially helpful because the holidays are the busiest time of the year for everyone.

Although the hustle and bustle is fun, traveling, shopping, cooking and entertaining can wear on the skin, especially around the delicate eye area. 

Robin’s paired up two tighteners to perk up tired skin after a long night, a long flight, or just early morning whipping up waffles for out-of-town guests.

After your morning cleanse, pat on our Power Peptide Eye Cream, followed by moisturizer.

If you like mimosas with your holiday brunch, you’ll love this product! The key botanical ingredient is Persian silk tree extract, also known as the mimosa! 

This extract prevents glycation, which causes fine lines and wrinkles.

The results of glycation are especially obvious around the eyes, where skin is especially thin and where naturally protective sebum is scarce.

Glycation can be intensified by eating lots of refined white sugar and other simple carbohydrates, making this eye cream a holiday must-have when sugary treats abound!

The other key component is our unique peptide complex, which signals to skin-cells to produce more collagen, keeping the eye area lifted and refreshed.

OMG! Is This Really Me? Instant Face Shaper is a busy woman’s shortcut to a glamorous holiday look.

It’s an ideal morning pick-me-up, but this tightener is also Robin’s go-to for a big night out, or any time you want your face to look sculpted and super-smooth.

The formula contains extract of white oak bark, a mild botanical astringent that lifts skin and fights the look of fatigue.

Acai and perilla seed extracts nurture the skin with fatty acids and botanical moisturizers, so skin feels supple and elastic. 

No coincidence, both products in the Best Face Forward Duo make your makeup glide on more easily, great for family photos or just special evenings around the holiday hearth.

So perk up your skin and enjoy that magical holiday glow!

Buy the Best Face Forward Duo here 

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