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Robin McGraw's Ultimate Guide To Having Your Best Fall Ever


Fall brings shorter, cooler days where the summer crops are harvested and the trees release their leaves. It’s a time of reward and reflection, and it’s the perfect opportunity to re-set for the coming new year.

Take a Cue From Mother Nature

First, appreciate and celebrate the abundance of the season. Farmer’s markets are heaped with ripe apples, pears, pomegranates, figs, grapes and colorful squashes. 

Even if you’re not a pumpkin spice kinda girl, you can whip up a mildly exfoliating DIY pumpkin face mask for that fresh fall glow. Pumpkin contains a type of enzyme called protease that helps dissolve hardened protein, so it’s helpful for clearing away dead cells for a clearer complexion.

An even easier way to refine your skin texture: Robin’s Polish to Perfection Micro-Polishing & Exfoliating Scrub.

Exfoliation literally means “removal of leaves” in its Latin origins, and it’s an important step this time of year after a hot, dry summer. 

Cast-off cells that collect on your skin can prevent serums, moisturizers and other skincare from doing their work effectively, so gently buff them away once or twice a week after your evening face-cleanse.

Clear Your Space

Just as you clear your complexion, the fall is the optimum time to let go of anything outmoded, or that no longer serves your current direction.

Sure, we’ve all heard of spring cleaning, but fall is an even more ideal time to free yourself from clutter to prepare for new plans and new projects.

It’s time to part with appliances that don’t work, clothes that don’t fit, or things you simply don’t use anymore. 

Fix them, sell them, gift them, or donate them.

You can go old-school and have an actual yard sale on a crisp, cool October morning, or take advantage of Facebook Marketplace or any of the many other online venues for selling your stuff. 

Yes, someone, somewhere out there actually wants that stuffed moose-head you’ve got stashed in your attic, and online marketplaces are the fastest way to find your buyer.

Edit Your Makeup Bag

While you’re at it, purge your skincare and cosmetics stash. 

Toss and replace anything that smells “off,” has changed color, or has changed texture. 

And be conservative: routinely replace makeup that you’ve had for 6 months, especially mascara, since bacteria grow fast in the tube and can irritate your eyes.

Polish Your Silver...Then Wear It!

Traditional Chinese Medicine identifies every season with an element, and fall belongs to the enduring element of metal.

Think about a rugged wrought-iron gate, a golden wedding band, or that cherished silver engraved with your family monogram. These objects are substantial, long-lasting, and valuable. 

If you’ve got a piece of precious metal jewelry, get it out and wear it—as Robin says,“Always wear your invisible crown!”

No crown? Next best thing: receive each day as a gift with The Bow Ring, created for you by Robin to always remember to put yourself at the top of your To-Do list!

The ring is a “midi,” meaning it’s designed to be worn midway down the finger of your choice (it’s a size 4). Robin wears hers every day as a sparkling reminder that today’s the day to appreciate yourself.

In addition to an element, Traditional Chinese Medicine also assigns parts of the body to each season. 

In the case of autumn, the related body systems are the lungs and the skin. 

To be in tune with the season, breathe in the cool fall air, and keep your skin polished and nourished with Robin McGraw Revelation as we approach the festive holiday season ahead!

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