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Pollution-Protection: 7 Ways to Rescue Your Skin from Air Pollution


It may be surprising, but coming up with creative ways to protect your skin from the effects of air-pollution is actually a lot of fun!

Answer “true” or “false” to each question, and learn how to keep your skin healthy, glowing and protected.

1. TRUE or FALSE: If the sky is blue overhead, that means the air quality is good.

False. Instruments on the ground and satellites orbiting the earth collect information about what is in our air, and these readings are the only way to know the local air-quality. Blue skies are great, but our air often contains pollution particles that are too small to see.


2. TRUE or FALSE: Air-pollution is “out there," meaning outdoors.


There’s also air-pollution in the Great Indoors that can irritate and damage skin. Materials used in building and furnishings (laminates, paints, fabrics) emit gases and microparticles that cause inflammation. 

In fact, the air-quality outdoors often is better than the air-quality inside your home, so open a window every day for ventilation. 

Other ways to reduce indoor air pollution: change the filters in your heating and air-conditioning system frequently, and get an air-purifier.

And, this is yet another reason to always apply a moisturizer to your cleansed skin every night! Robin’s Hydra Qwench creates a breathable barrier between your skin and pollutants inside your home. 

This luxurious treatment also protects collagen and fights fine lines and wrinkles while you sleep.

3. TRUE or FALSE: I don’t live in a city. In fact, driving to and from my home, I see cows and acres of farmland. I’m nowhere near air pollution, right?

Sorry, this is false.

Commercial agriculture and livestock send many chemical irritants into the air, and these can speed up skin aging by causing inflammation. 

Wash your face morning and night with a mild cleanser

Between cleanses, try a quick pass with a micelle toner on a cotton pad as a quick skin-saver, especially if skin feels gritty, or you’ve been exposed to smoke or dust.


4. TRUE or FALSE: But plants are good for air-quality, right?

True! Yes, that’s correct!  

Trees help clear the air outside by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and replacing it with oxygen. This is why forests are called “the lungs of the planet.”

Houseplants improve indoor air-quality inside your home, because they absorb benzene, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and other harmful chemicals. 

The problem with commercial farming is not actually the plants themselves, but the micro-particles of fertilizers, pesticides and other chemicals released into the air while they’re growing.

5. TRUE or FALSE: Sun-protection helps skin fight the aging effects of pollution.


UV rays basically “cook” the many harmful chemicals in the air, making the toxins in them more concentrated. 

This is yet another reason for applying sunscreen every day, to maintain a barrier between your skin and sun-baked pollutant particles. 

6. TRUE or FALSE: Air-pollution is at its worst in summer.

Not always true. In winter, cold air may form a “lid” that traps airborne pollutants close to the ground, making the air unhealthy. Bottom-line: you need to protect and repair your skin year-round, indoors and out. 

Climate change now makes pollution a daily concern, because the damage to our planet’s protective ozone layer affects air-quality on earth.

Robin recommends her Recovery Kit to help skin stay balanced.


7. TRUE or FALSE: Protecting my skin from pollution is impossible.

False! Fear not! 

A simple way to protect your skin is by using one of Robin’s sheet masks a couple of times a week, or even every day. 

Each mask addresses a specific skincare concern, and every formula is high in antioxidants and anti-aging botanicals. 

Just cleanse your skin, pat on one of our sheet masks, and put your feet up for 15 to 20 minutes. It’s one of the most relaxing, most effective ways to keep your skin looking and feeling its best.


Toxins in the air strip your skin of barrier lipids, the complexion’s natural filter against environmental damage.

So make Robin McGraw Revelation your daily pollution protection, to remove irritating particles from your skin’s surface, purify pores, shield against UV, and neutralize the free radicals that trigger skin aging!

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