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How To Treat Yourself (And Others) This Halloween While Skipping the Sugar


Looking for ways to skip the sugar-rush this Halloween?

The approach of All Hallow’s Eve makes kids and pranksters tremble with delight. 

And whether or not ghouls and goblins will be tapping at your door, sugar-bombs are all around this spooky season.

And this means candy.

Bags of candy. 

Bags, bags, and more bags of candy.

Unfortunately, eating lots of refined white sugar ages your skin prematurely.

Robin herself says, “The rare times I do indulge my sweet tooth, I often feel the effects.” 

If you want to completely avoid the sugar-damage to skin known as glycation, here’s how to have big fun on October 31st without doing a deep-dive into the sugar-bowl.

In fact, here are some great ways to kick off the holiday season that don’t involve a single calorie. 

Surprise the costumed kids who come to your door with something that they can play with after the night’s sugar-rush wears off.


For Trick-or-Treaters:

TIP: Don’t even try to trick kids with healthy Halloween snacks.

It’s chocolate or nothing, so keep the raisins and apples for yourself!

Instead, get creative and put together something for kids that’s fun and not food-oriented.


1-Treat for teeth: Their mothers will thank you: give out mini-toothbrushes and dental floss dispensers. Buy them in bulk at the 99-cent store.


2- Artist’s way: Package five new crayons (five different colors) in a sandwich bag. Add a crayon sharpener. Make up a bunch of these for future Frida Kahlos and Pablo Picassos.


3- Reader’s reward: Create a bookmark to inspire kids to read actual books. 

First, use your computer to type out a quote about reading books from a famously spooky author.

Example: “Books are a uniquely portable magic.” - Stephen King, author of “Carrie”

Then underneath the quotation, type out the name, street-address and website url of the nearest public library branch in your community.

There will be space to copy and paste the typed lines 4 or 5 times onto a standard 8 ½” x 11” page.

Print out what you’ve just typed onto sheets of heavy Halloween-orange paper, then cut into strips.

Add a fun Halloween rubber-stamp image or glow-in-the-dark sticker to each bookmark.


4- Easy winners for the goody-bag: Bright shoelaces, sheets of cute stickers, sets of temporary tattoos, mini-flashlights with battery included, bottles of soap-bubbles, adorable keychain baubles.


For yourself:

On the night of All Hallow’s Eve, treat yourself to some healthy pleasures for both body and mind.

Robin’s Recovery Kit and Dot Your Eyes Power Peptide Eye Cream are two holiday must-haves to keep on hand, to help skin stay at peak health even when the processed sweets outnumber Brussel sprouts a million to one.

Persian silk tree extract in the formula prevents sugar molecules from weakening the collagen and elastin that keeps your skin firm and smooth.


1- Swim: Treat yourself to a swim-session at a local gym or aquatic center. 

Swimming is an exercise which is ideal for offsetting the aging effects of sugar.

There’s zero impact on joints, making swimming ideal for older bodies. The cold water (even a heated pool may feel cold!) elevates your metabolism.

Even an easy swim tones your heart and muscles, and relieves stress.


2 - Scent: You may or may not be a pumpkin spice girl.

In any case, consider turning off all devices, dimming the lights, and treating yourself to aromatherapy using real essential oils.

Essential oils are extracted from plants, versus synthetic fragrances which are made from petrochemicals, byproducts of fossil fuels. Artificial fragrances often irritate the skin, as well as the eyes, nose and throat.

Essential oils have been shown to benefit human health by lowering blood pressure and relieving headaches.

Lavender essential oil has been treasured for centuries for its relaxing effect—that’s why it’s the only aroma in Robin’s skincare collection.

Spicy-smelling oils like peppermint, spearmint and cinnamon are often used to chase fatigue.

Try a few drops of essential oil in your bath, or in a diffuser.


3 - Soak: Our feet work hard carrying us through the world, and we often neglect them.

Whether you’ve just been for a long run or have just been stalking your town in cruel stilettos, a foot-soak is a simple pleasure that can become a DIY obsession!

An especially soothing foot-soak is one made with calming chamomile tea. 

A few drops of a citrus essential oil—such as lime, bergamot or lemon—gives this soak an extra purifying effect.

Warm a pot of water on the stove and add 6 chamomile tea bags. 

Allow to steep.

Pour the water into a large basin. When the water’s just a little warmer than body temperature (not steaming), slip your feet into the tea-bath and relax for 15—20 minutes.


4 - Mask: While your feet are being refreshed and detoxed, make the most of the moment by pampering your face with one of Robin’s sheet-masks while you soak your feet!

Smoothed onto freshly cleansed skin, a sheet-mask is an easy way to brighten, erase fine lines and wrinkles, hydrate and firm your skin.

And if you have surprise visitors while you’re masking, give them a scare by answering the door with your mask on!


Stay BOO-ti-ful!

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