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How Can I Get Rid of My Dark Spots in 2020?

“To be the best wife, mother, daughter, sister, employee, or anything else you want to be, you have to first take care of yourself.”

As winter winds howl, Robin’s Dark Spot Defense Duo prevents and reverses hyperpigmentation. Make it your New Year’s Resolution to have your clearest skin ever in 2020!


Oh, no, do I see new dark spots?

The first reason to love this duo right now: winter may be when your dark spots may seem especially prominent.

Your skin is probably paler than it was during the summer, when you may have tanned, so your areas of hyperpigmentation simply show up more than they may have in summer.

And new spots triggered during the summer during sun exposure may just be popping up now on your skin.


I don’t need to use sunscreen in winter, right?

You do indeed need sunscreen every day of the year, even when it's snowing.

Winter UV defense is key to keeping skin healthy and glowing, especially if you enjoy snow sports at high altitudes, where reflected UV is especially damaging to skin.

Exceptionally low humidity during the winter months also reduce your skin’s capacity to protect itself, which makes moisture and UV protection a key priority. 

The second reason to love our Dark Spot Defense Duo is that it provides sun protection with Robin’s 50 Fierce moisturizer & sunscreen. 50 Fierce shields skin against UV damage, helps to reverse the damage already done by sun exposure, and deeply hydrates skin.


How can I add this duo to my skincare routine?

To the Point Dark Spot Corrector contains tranexamic acid (1), science’s newest breakthrough for lightening melasma and brightening your complexion overall. Paired with mushroom extract kojic acid, existing spots fade and new ones are prevented from forming.

Use them together every day this winter, to balance out pigmentation for an even tone.

Begin with a foaming face wash, and apply any serum or treatments.

Then smooth a thin layer of To the Point Dark Spot Corrector over your entire face. 

Follow with a thin layer of 50 Fierce as your final skincare step each morning.

Antioxidants and other potent active ingredients in Robin’s Dark Spot Defense Duo help curb the production of melanin and build collagen, so skin brightens and stays spotlessly clear for the new year!


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