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Good For You (And Your Skin): Edible and Incredible Holiday Ingredients

Thanksgiving thoughts from Robin:

“Is anyone new to the neighborhood? Can I take them a housewarming gift to make them feel as welcome as I’ve been made to feel over the years?

Is there a single-parent family who could use some help? What could I take to them or do for them that will ease their holiday season?

Have any of your neighbors had a particularly rough year? What could I do to brighten their season?

If you just want to welcome everyone, host a drop-in party with snacks and hors d’oeuvres to draw in and see as many neighbors and friends as you can.”

It will soon be time to set the holiday table!

Whether you’re firing up the oven for the traditional golden bird and carb-laden sides, or planning a lighter, veggie-based menu, it’s delicious to know that many of your favorite ingredients on your holiday plate are also key players in Robin’s skincare formulas.


On your plate: Apples are exceptionally high in antioxidants.

On your skin: Apple extract in Foaming Joy and Polish to Perfection is a gentle alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), and works as a mild exfoliant.


On your plate: Blueberries were one of the first foods to be identified as a “superfood.” They help lower cholesterol, and have been proven to reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer.

On your skin: Packed with vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant, blueberries in Robin’s NEW Micelle Multi-Complex Cleansing Toner helps cells turn over faster and build firming collagen.



On your plate: Chilled cucumbers in a salad are a refreshing way to balance rich roasts, salty snacks and creamy sauces.

On your skin: Mixed in our NEW Day Acne Lotion, NEW Night Acne Cream, and NEW Dark Spot Corrector—soothing cucumber extract calms inflammation and redness, controls pigmentation production and brightens skin. (Cucumbers contain a mild botanical form of vitamin A, which is the active ingredient in retinol.)



On your plate: The cured fruit of the olive tree is one of the world’s most ancient cultivated foods. Olives have been grown and eaten in the Mediterranean for centuries as the basis of a largely vegetarian menu.

On your skin: An olive is a bite-sized bundle of natural fatty acids that replenish dry skin and soften the look of fine lines, which makes it a stellar sidekick in Robin's OMG! Is This Really Me?, and Polish to Perfection.



On your plate: The fresh garnet-red arils (seeds) of the pomegranate add brilliant color and tart crunch to any plate.

On your skin: High antioxidant vitamin C content make pomegranate extract a powerful defender of skin-firmness. You can find it in our NEW Dark Spot Corrector; NEW Day Acne Lotion; NEWNight Acne Cream; and Let There Be Bright!



On your plate: This aromatic evergreen herb is a classic seasoning for poultry.

On your skin: Purifying and mildly astringent, thyme in Robin’s Micelle Multi-Complex Cleansing Toner clarifies and refines the look of pores.


Coffee, Tea, or Pore Tiny Me?

Tea and coffee are a universal way to end a traditional dinner. All tea and coffee contains both antioxidants and caffeine.

We rely on caffeine to sharpen our attention, and give us energy. Used in Robin’s Pore Tiny Me Pore Perfector, this stimulating effect is a natural astringent, tightening pores for a refined, smooth look, and forming the perfect base for glam holiday makeup.

Chamomile is a daisy-like flower that’s been grown for its healthful benefits for centuries. It’s calming, whether in your cup or on your skin.

Soothing chamomile is used in Robin’s 50 Fierce and sheet masks, just to name a few!

Chamomile in these products reduces swelling and inflammation.

All true tea—white, green or black—is harvested from the same basic tea plant.  The designation of white, green or black depends on how the tea leaves have been cured or fermented.

Tea in all of its forms is a proven antioxidant, and helps skin fight the aging process in numerous ways as an active ingredient in Robin’s skincare products.

Green tea in 50 Fierce slows down pigment production, to brighten skin and prevent dark spots from forming. The antioxidant action also speeds up cell turnover and boosts collagen production, so damaged cells are replaced faster for a smoother, firmer surface.

And of course it’s the featured active ingredient in our Super Cooling & Moisturizing Sheet Mask with Green Tea Extract try it as an instant 15-20 minute refreshment when you’ve been basting the bird in a blazing oven all day, or “winging” off to visit loved ones for a day of thanks!

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