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Give The Gift of Smart Skin This Father's Day!

June 16 is Father’s Day, so it’s time to celebrate all of the great guys in your life, whether they’re dads or not!

Even inspired gift-givers may be stumped by this masculine occasion, though, because most mainstream Father’s Day gifts are as awkward as a midlife fanny-pack, or as trite as a golf-motif bowtie.

So make him feel like the Alpha Male he really is deep-down-inside!

Surprise him with a core set of skin-savers that perform like high-test power-tools.


Keep it real

Men seek out tangible, visible results—they like “proof” that something’s real.

This is why guys have traditionally been “makers” who like to produce and build things. 

When introducing manly skin care, start him off with a small group of products that can be explained easily, so the process doesn’t seem elaborate or fussy.



Unless we’re still in fake-ID territory, most men over the age of 18 want to look younger.

While a toupee or a red Ferrari are cringe-worthy acts of age defiance, let him know that balanced, healthy skin is always a win that works.

Fire up his skincare test-drive with a smarter cleanse using a mild, foaming liquid face wash that won’t confuse his natural skin pH that’s ideally around 5.5.

Many men are accustomed to sudsing themselves, carwash-style, head-to-toe with a big bar of soap in the shower (yeah, it’s a guy thing).

But whether he’s dealing with acne, wrinkles, or chapping and flakiness, doing this may make his skin issues get worse.

That’s because many bar soaps contain lots of detergent, and are alkaline with a pH of 9 or higher. Those numbers add up to dehydration and possible irritation.

And, if the bar is formulated as a deodorant bar, it’s also jammed with manly, if artificial fragrances that can irritate even the most macho skin (even though he may like the perfume of spice, leather, or faux pine-trees).


Get right down to the nitty-gritty 

Scrubs are the one skincare product that are almost always guaranteed to strike a positive chord with men.

They often like the feel of scrubbing beads, and the logical, mechanical idea of removing worn-out cells.

A man who experiences ingrown hairs, especially in the beard zone, will really appreciate the benefits of a hard-working microfoliant—so choose one he can use in the shower once or twice a week to keep follicles and pores clear.


Real men moisturize 

Just as he knows to drink plenty of water or an electrolyte-beverage after a hard workout, replenishing the moisture in his skin is a simple but important breakthrough to keep his look energetic and fresh. 

One way to introduce men to the concept of moisturizing is by bundling cleanser and moisturizer together as a kit or set.

A night-time moisturizer may be ideal for many men, since it can be a simple before-bed step, just like brushing his teeth.


He may be king of the grill... 

...but remind him not to scorch his own precious skin.

Sunscreen is the one skincare product that everyone needs every day because UV can penetrate windows to get at your skin. 

But many men aren’t there yet, and silently endure year-round sun damage to their scalp, face and tops of the ears.

Especially if the guy on your Father’s Day gift list seems moisturizer-resistant, gift him with a broad spectrum SPF 50+ sunscreen that doubles as a moisturizer.

Add a hat and sunglasses made for serious sun protection. Again, go for high-function, not necessarily trendy fashion—you'll ideally want sunglasses in a UV index of Category 3 or 4.

Wraparound styles offer the most protection, and polarized lenses may be most comfortable if he boats or fishes, shielding his eyes from the glare of water-reflection.

As for his hat, a baseball cap is definitely not enough to qualify as legit solar defense. Neither is that cute straw Panama.

Choose a head-covering for him made of tightly woven nylon or other fabric that offers SPF 50+ with the extended neck-protection in back known as “Legionnaire.” This style is named for the gear worn by the impossibly rugged French Foreign Legion.

Suppose your guy’s not the rock-climbing, whitewater-rafting type, but spends his day in the great indoors bathed in electronic glow, with his fingers on a mouse?

He still needs enlightened skin care.

We now know that the blue light emitted by our devices, including smartphones, can cause skin damage.

The sun is far more damaging, but tech-sters, too, are at risk for photo-aging (aging effects caused by light).


So help your favorite guys stay at the top of their game, whatever their game of choice may be, with healthy, protected skin.

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