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Ditch Discoloration With To The Point Dark Spot Corrector

A clear, evenly pigmented complexion is always in season. 

Unfortunately, the aging process tends to leave its mark on the skin in the form of dark spots and patches.

Most commonly, hyperpigmentation happens in response to UV rays.

But shifts in hormones, acne, and even frequent exposure to excessive heat can result in darkened areas.

Let there be light: NEW! To The Point Dark Spot Corrector created by Robin McGraw lightens and brightens skin for the radiant glow that may inspire you to ditch your foundation and concealer.


Do The Bright Thing

Company founder Robin McGraw created this effective solution to an ongoing beauty challenge that we tend to face. Robin suggests, “Go a day without makeup and smile at everyone. Watch how many compliments you will get on how beautiful your smile is, and how radiant your skin looks.”

Skipping makeup becomes a real option when your dark spots are ancient history thanks to the effects of this lightweight but potent treatment cream.


Traditional Synergy, Modern Approach

Dark spots, blotches, and splotches are nothing new. For centuries, Traditional Chinese Medicine has called upon a bouquet of natural herbal remedies to fight hyperpigmentation. To the Point re-introduces several of these classical ingredients that work to lighten and brighten skin while also boosting collagen for firmer skin.

Glabridin, a powerful compound found in licorice, helps to regulate the skin’s melanin response to sunlight — reducing the redness, flushing, and general inflammation that can lead to permanent hyperpigmentation.

New research also suggests that the antioxidant action of licorice – more than 100 times stronger than vitamin E – may help decrease melanin production as well.

These antioxidant properties also firm and hydrate the skin while brightening.

The key ingredients in To the Point help fade the appearance of the spots you’ve got, and prevent new spots from forming:

  • Energizing ginseng and pomegranate boost cell-turnover to help move pigmented layers out of tissues and off the skin surface
  • Botanical brighteners including the active extract of the Koji mushroom, white peony, ginkgo biloba, mulberry root, and willow bark lighten current dark spots and reduce melanin production  
  • Aloe, rose, rosemary, and cucumber calm inflammation and soothe irritation, even after sun-exposure

In decades past, “fade” creams and skin whiteners relied on hydroquinone, which now is banned in the EU, Japan, and Australia because of significant medical risks.

Our botanical brightening formula delivers impressive brightening without damaging skin or posing health threats.



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