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Giving her flowers and candy is such a Valentine's Day cliché, and diamonds might not be within your budget. Getting him cologne, a stuffed animal, or clothing (unless you're absolutely sure that it's his style) is just as predictable. This year, how about elevating your Valentine's Day from meh to memorable by sharing something more unexpected with your significant other that you can appreciate together.
Here are some ideas:

Forgo dinner out at a fancy restaurant and whip up a romantic meal at home. Cooking together can heat things up outside the kitchen and put romance on the menu. Not that ambitious? Order in, then prepare a sweet treat with your sweetie for dessert. Add a festive touch by getting dressed up as if you're going out.
Celebrate special times you've experienced together by making a "memory lane video." Sort through all the photos and recordings you've made over the years of milestones in your lives — vacations, date nights, birthdays, anniversaries, wedding, birth of a child — whatever has meaning for the two of you. Then get in touch with your inner Spielberg by watching, editing, and compiling them into one master video as a keepsake.
For the neat freak in your life — or the one who always ends up doing most of the housework — clean the house! So it's not as romantic as lunch in Paris, but for someone who often feels overworked and underappreciated, it could be the perfect gift. Clearing out the clutter, scrubbing and scouring, fluffing and folding just might get your loved one in a lather over you.
Spread the love and enjoy a good, old-fashioned game night with two or three other couples. You'll learn, laugh, and hang with friends — a fun way to spend time with your soul mate. A few tips for making it a success: 

  • Choose games in advance so you don't spend the entire evening trying to decide what to play.
  • Allow at least a half hour for socializing before the games begin
  • Gathering around the coffee table in the living room is usually more relaxing than sitting at a dining table.
  • You don't have to serve an entire meal. Snacks and sweets are fine, or make it easy and order in pizza.

Learn a new skill together. Take a cooking, dance, art or other class that appeals to you both — a series or a one-shot deal — and you're sure to discover new things about each other.
Now that you're put all this effort into pleasing your partner, treat yourself to our fierce and fabulous Romance & Relaxation Valentine's Gift Box, featuring perfume, shower gel, body butter, and hand cream deliciously scented with Robin's sophisticated floral fragrance. It also includes our new Georgia muscle-relaxing bath salts, a therapeutic body soak rich in replenishing minerals and wild mint leaf oil to relieve aches and pains, moisturize and soothe skin, and calm mind and body. Its delicate rose/mint scent provides aromatherapy benefits.

And you get our Sheet Mask Multi-Pack, which contains our four special facial masks. Each one provides a botanical boost of moisture and treats a specific skincare need — hydrating and firming, fine lines and wrinkles, brightening and lightening, and perking up tired eyes.

Last but not least is Robin's signature bow ring, made of sterling silver and covered in   Swarovski crystals. It's a reminder of her belief that it's not selfish for women to take care of their own health and happiness first, and in fact, that it makes women better able to care for their loved ones.

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