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In honor of National Vitamin C Day, we thought we’d slice up some fun facts and common myths on how adding this hero ingredient will help benefit your skin and over-all health.

You may think it’s all about orange juice (it’s not). And you may think it’s a magic defense against sneezes and sniffles (it’s really not). But it is essential to your wellness, so check your Vitamin C intel in the true-false quiz below to make it work best for you, inside and out.

True or False?

The human body does not naturally produce its own supply of Vitamin C. 


Vitamin C is essential to our health, and to firm, glowing skin. Here’s the challenge: our bodies don’t produce a speck of this crucial vitamin on their own. And we need to metabolize Vitamin C every day—it’s key to anti-aging. This means that we have to constantly add Vitamin C to our diet and apply it to our skin to benefit from its many forms of protection.

How much do you need? Expert opinions vary. The general recommended daily allowance is 75 mg for women, 90 mg for men. Some wellness authorities recommend that we gobble up to 200 mg daily, which seems to be the threshold for how much our bodies can absorb in a day. How to get this much? Food, vitamin supplements, or a combo.

TIP: Hit the farmer’s market! You’ll need to eat 2 cups of fruit and 3 cups of veggies (5 cups of produce) to get your 200 mg daily. Produce picks high in Vitamin C include oranges, of course, along with all citrus fruits, strawberries, cantaloupe, kiwi, black currants, and red, yellow, and orange bell peppers.


Popping handfuls of Vitamin C tablets prevents the common cold. 


The belief in mega-dosing on Vitamin C as prevention and treatment of the common cold (and even flu) took on cult status as full-blown American folk-medicine in the 1960s. Nobel Prize Winner Linus Pauling, a chemist, introduced this idea, but most experts have now taken a step back. Getting 200 mg of Vitamin C daily is undeniably good for your overall health, so it helps build your body’s immunity to fight colds.  But actually, washing your hands many times a day with soap and warm water, especially when you’re out and about in our pathogen-packed world, will do more to help you dodge that rhinovirus than megadosing on Vitamin C in any form.

TIP: Will drinking a packet of that pre-flight fizzy Vitamin C powder (the packets are usually 1000 mg) keep you safe from sneezes and sniffles? Probably not so much, but if it’s your lucky charm when you feel the first dry tickle of a sore throat coming on, go for it.


You can never take too much Vitamin C. 


Taking more than 200 mg in tablet form may irritate your digestion. Ditto for the 5 cups of crunchy fruits and veggies you’d need to consume to meet this recommended level, especially if you’re sensitive to dietary fiber. Since the body can’t really absorb more than 200 mg at a time anyway, the extra just leaves your body as urine, so it’s money literally down the drain.

TIPDo the math, then make a plan.  Have a large daily serving of vegetable juice, make steamed veggies one of your main meals, have some orange slices, and include a supplemental tablet if needed to hit the 200 mg mark.


Pirates who famously terrorized the high seas suffered from Vitamin C deficiency.


A-r-r-r-r-r-r-r, shiver me timbers, matey, it’s true! They looked tough and probably smelled worse, but we know from the twisted bones and malformed teeth they left behind that they often suffered from scurvy, a condition caused by severe, as in fatal, lack of Vitamin C. The reason was that their diet got pretty skimpy out there on the high seas, in spite of all of that fun yo-ho-ho-ing and rum-swilling.

FUN FACT: This is why British people were sometimes called “limeys.” It’s not the nicest of nicknames, but it refers to the fact that English sailors and others British people often ate limes to prevent common scurvy.


Vitamin C helps the human body replace collagen.


No doubt. Whether popped as a tablet, swallowed as a liquid supplement, or applied as a serum or other form to the skin, Vitamin C is a powerful builder of collagen.  In the case of our skin, collagen provides support for the soft stuff.  It’s the fabulously stretchy, bouncy, perky “shapewear” that creates smooth, firm contours for the face, the neck, the bosom, the bottom and beyond!

Collagen is also crucial to the less glam aspects of physical metabolism. It’s the primary structural protein that builds strong blood vessels, capillaries, bone, cartilage and connective tissue. Without abundant collagen, our bones break more easily, and wounds heal more slowly.

Now back to those pirates: part of the reason that they were in such rough shape was that they probably were short on collagen, since it’s unlikely that they used much sunscreen or moisturizer. ) Exposure to free radicals, including the sun’s rays, attacks our Vitamin C reserves as well as our collagen. This is, of course, why our skin develops fine lines, wrinkles and areas of hyperpigmentation (dark spots) as we get older. With age, our natural collagen supply makes itself scarce. Every area of the body—skin, circulation, bones, teeth – feel the loss, so it’s essential to replenish Vitamin C to your entire system on the reg.

TIP:The most effective sunscreenson the market today like SPF 50 full-spectrum Robin McGraw Revelation 50 FIERCE! ™ meet the strict new FDA requirements, and are high in a stable, potent form of Vitamin C.


Taking a Vitamin C tablet every day will improve your skin.


But it’s not enough to keep your skin in top shape. We already know that 200 mg of Vitamin C a day helps to build overall immunity, meaning that your whole body can fight back against infection and inflammation. But the truth is that eating that 200 mg (tablets, supplements, fruit, veggies) doesn’t deliver much Vitamin C to your skin. 

TIP: To get complete, system-wide Vitamin C protection, take your internal 200 mg daily, and include products containing Vitamin C into your daily skin care routine. Robin McGraw Revelation Vita-Boost Vitamin C Infusion Serum ™ is a night-time serum containing 20% Vitamin C. Just a few potent drops pressed into cleansed skin at night brightens your skin overall, strengthens collagen, and fades dark spots.


Skin care products containing Vitamin C can help lighten dark spots (hyperpigmentation)


This is as close to a silver bullet as you’ll get. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps lighten dark spots when applied to the skin. Vitamin C patted right into the skin can also help build the collagen your skin is losing every day.

TIP: Exfoliate your skin as part of your night-time cleanse, then use a few drops of Robin McGraw Revelation Vita-Boost Vitamin C Infusion Serum ™. Buffing away the top layer of dead skin cells will allow the Vitamin C to work more effectively.


Vitamin C works best when combined with other ingredients as a skin care treatment.


Vitamin E, Vitamin B5, Ferulic Acid in the Robin McGraw Revelation Vita-Boost Vitamin Infusion Serum ™formula work synergistically with the 20% concentration of Vitamin C to restore collagen strength and balance out the production of skin-pigmentation for a firm, balanced glow.

TIP: Always choose a Vitamin C serum that’s packaged in an opaque, air-tight bottle, and keep the product out of direct sunlight.  Vitamin C is notoriously unstable, and loses its potency when exposed to sunlight.

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May 30, 2019

Happy to find your website. Enjoyed being here for the first time: I plan to come back often~!~! I already came back today after being here yesterday!~!It is a very relaxing site and lots of great information!~! Thank you very much~!~!

Violette Jellinick

July 23, 2019

I have been using Robin McGraw’s Vitamin C serum for about six months now, and really love it.
But until I just read all this information about Vitamin C , I didn’t know just how important it was.
Now I know why my skin looks so much better. I use all of Robin’s products, and give some as gifts.


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